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You might have gathered by the first photo that this is another What’s In My Handbag thrown in to the blogosphere! This time, it is in collaboration with MoneySupermarket, who are hosting a blogger competition where you can win not one, not two but THREE prizes from luxury British designer brand, Mulberry. We know how popular Mulberry are with bloggers, I couldn’t resist telling you about this one. The prizes consist of Baywater Shoulder Handbag, Continental Purse and Phone Cover, all worth over £1000 in total! I’ve been asked to be an ambassador for this competition so I’m not allowed to enter but if I could, this would be my entry. It’s nothing flash, it’s just a few things I had in my new favourite bag.

I got a lot of comments on this bag which I featured in one of my outfit posts recently so for this post, which is in association with MoneySupermarket, I want to show you what’s inside my latest fave bag! The colourful bag is from Zalando and it’s not the biggest bag so space is rather limited but it’s enough for the essentials like purse and mobile phone. It doesn’t fit my wallet so all my money is contained in the fabric coin purse. I had a couple of bottles of nail polish in there just incase I got bored on the train, but I never got round to painting my nails this time. Yellow nail polish is my favourite for this time of year but a base coat is definitely needed for this Rimmel one, it stains so bad and there’s nothing attractive about yellowy nails!

I always carry a note book with me. As well as making notes, they are handy to keep your receipts in. I might buy a purse from Primark just to store receipts but for now, notebooks will do just fine. The book of sticky notes are for when I need to make lists. These ones are actually not sticky enough and have ended up falling out of my notepad. They’re particularly convenient when you need to write something down for someone, whether this be your blog url or your phone number (Wit woooo! Who’s the lucky guy?). It’s better than ripping pages out of a book, or writing a memo on a napkin. Finally, I carry gift cards and discount cards with me but my absolute favourite thing amongst all of this is my Krispy Kreme red card which allows me to get free doughnuts for a year!

These “What’s in my handbag” blog posts are always so popular and if you’re considering entering the competition with MoneySupermarket for the chance to win all three Mulberry prizes, then all you have to do is:

– Create a blog post about what’s in your handbag and email the blogpost link to: [email protected] with “What’s In Your Handbag” in the subject link. You can find all the details and T&C’s here, plus some more examples from other bloggers! Got to be in it to win it! Winner will be chosen at random and will be able to choose the colours of their Mulberry goodies as shown below (phone not included).

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Disclaimer: I have been compensated by MoneySupermarket to write this post
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