illamasqua lipstick in drench
illamasqua lipstick in drench review
illamasqua lipstick in drench swatch
illamasqua lipstick in drench swatch

Illamasqua Lipstick in Drench* – £16.00

I have several red lipsticks but finding the best shade of red to suit my skin colour can be a bit of a drain as it can really make my yellow skin tone even more yellow that I actually am and I don’t fancy looking like a character from The Simpsons! Every girl needs the perfect red lipstick and for me, if it contains a hint of pink, then I can make the it work. This is my first Illamasqua lipstick which is a shade called Drench, a pink/berry red colour with matte finish. I have often heard Illamasqua make-up being raved about, as I’m sure you have too, in particular their range of lipsticks, and it’s true what they say. Long lasting, highly pigmented, creamy, moisturising formula and the easiest matte lipstick to wear! Drench looks really nice when dabbed lightly on or applied with a lip brush for the day time, it gives the lips a nice natural pinky red stain. However, as it’s really a bold and intense colour, I’ll probably reserve wearing this lipstick for the evening so I can apply it on really thick. It just suits me better on when I have a full face of make up.
I can not find Drench on the Illamasqua website but it is available on Selfridges and retails for £16.00. It is showing up as a hot pink on the Selfridges site which is actually a colour that I normally go for, but Drench is definitely darker than that. I can’t speak for the other shades in the range as I’m sure the formulas vary, especially with lighter shade, but Drench does not drag on lips and cling on the flaky dryness like some matte finish lipsticks tend to do. I bought a MAC matte lipstick once and ended up hating it as it really clung on to dry skin, even after scrubbing with lip sugar and then conditioning it with some balm…. basically too much prep for just a little lipstick that doesn’t even look all that nice. Even though I do have dry lips, Drench has been easy to apply and as it’s such a nice shade, the prep is worth it!

The packaging is nice, it’s glossy black with small branding. The scent of the product is a subtle fragrance, sometimes I can’t even smell it. Sometimes I get asked what a lip product taste like but I try to avoid licking my lips when I have product on them, I’m really conscious about that! When I was younger, like in primary school, my favourite lip salve was this vanilla scented one from Boots and it tasted really sweet so I would always lick it off but it really grosses me out thinking back on it now! 
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27 thoughts on “Illamasqua Lipstick Review and Swatch | In Shade *Drench*

  1. This looks amazing on you! I've never tried Illamasqua lipsticks (I think it's the price tag that's stopped me so far) I'm more of a MAC girl but I might have to investigate!
    Nina from little nomad

  2. Mmmm love this! My favourite red lipsticks are most definitely shades just like this – cherry reds with blue undertones, they just work on my super pale pinky white skin!

    Really love that little white top too – so sweet!

    Dayner x //

  3. Beautiful shade and it looks lovely on you. Haven't tried anything from Illamasqua yet but this is definitely on the contemplation list. 🙂

  4. Oh this looks so gorgeous! I've never bought anything from Illamasqua before and I LOVE pink-hued reds, I find it suits my skintone also!
    Great purchase!

  5. That's such a pretty colour!
    When I was yound, I heted red lipsticks. Now that I'm a bit older,I'm starting to love them, specially deep bordeaux colors for winter.
    I would love to try this one from illamasqua!

  6. This is lovely – really suits you and the packaging is so sleek 🙂
    I like the look of matte lipsticks but within minutes my lips get all dry which not nice at all 🙁
    Your story have me a flashback to high school. I remember buying my first lipgloss because of the taste and I wore it all the time to lick it off – quite yucky actually thinking about it now! I don't do it anymore thank god! xx

  7. It's a gorgeous colour on you! I always opt for reds and reddish pinks, because i find that they really help to brighten skin tone. I currently swear by the Revlon Lip stains still….they're just so easy to wear. I'm tempted to swing by Illamasqua next time and check out their lippies!

  8. What a beautiful color! It looks really amazing on you, and I don't think you should leave it for nighttime only wear! I think it looks good matched with the white top you are wearing, and would be cute with a sundress during the summer.

    I personally love Illamasqua lipsticks, but I feel like they tend to be a bit drying on my lips and only wear them when my lips are in top condition!

  9. OOH it's so pretty. Illamasqua lipsticks are the best. I just bought this really unusual colour, it's like a purpley kind of blue … I think it's called Underworld. Haha I would never think to ask what a lip product tastes like!

  10. I'm being drawn to illamasqua more and more, I do like your shots of beauty stuff! They're always a little different and lovely looking.

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