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How To Do A Simple Nautical Nail Art Design

I always look up nail art tutorials on blogs and YouTube because I love how they look but I often need help with techniques. My patience runs thin with intricate designs like florals and designs that involve a bit more detail but this is literally takes 10 minutes! As this is my first tutorial, I have decided to keep the design nice and simple. In fact, I’ve sort of cheated and gone with nail tattoos/stickers but this is more of a quick step-by-step guide in how to do stripy nail art. This is just a guide so feel free to use other colours and put your own twist on it on the nautical nail design! Let’s get started!

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These nail tattoos are fun, quick and easy! They are great for those who are not as steady handed (like me) for proper designs. There are nail tapes you can buy but I think masking tape does a pretty good job. I have nail art tools and brushes too but I find them very difficult to use, it doesn’t hep that my brushes have frayed from being badly stored away in the bottom of a mesh make up bag! I get stuck when it comes to doing the other hand anyway!

At first, I thought the nail tattoos were transfers but they are indeed stickers. They’re really small and fiddly but nothing a pair of tweezers can’t handle! Make sure the sticker is positioned how you want it before you press it down because those little things are surprisingly strong, they’re not going anywhere in a hurry! I made a mistake on the first go and found it difficult to peel off so had to use another one. With a top coat, the nail tattoos last a long time! They are available on Skin Art website, Boots and Urban Outfitters and cost £5.99 per pack.

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16 thoughts on “How To: A Simple Nautical Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Very cute tutorial! I've never used nail stickers before, but I'd love to try. I'll probably be using your method for stripes, soon!

  2. These look amazing, and your tutorial makes it seem so so easy! Will definitely be book marking this for when I've got a little bit of time! xxx

  3. Very cute!!! I'm terrible at step one, but I do love nail art. I've been really into the gel manicures at the nail salon. It lasts forever, but I wish they could do more artsy stuff with it!

    Mabel Cooks

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