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I feel like I’m getting ahead of myself – the snow has not long melted in some parts of the country – but I am far too excited for my favourite time of the year! I am miserable and moody when it’s cold, so I feel more like myself when the weather is warmer. The reason for the lack of outfit and style posts is that I just haven’t been motivated to make an effort to look nice at all. Each morning, I’d look in the wardrobe and think to myself “I’m cold. It is too cold and I can’t be bothered to look nice”. I’ve been living in my hoody and when I’m not, you’ll have found me attached to my heavy winter coat and Primark snood all day long, which doesn’t even keep me all that warm! I have felt bad for not getting on top of outfit posts but it’s something I really want to get back to doing very soon. In the meantime, with new stock coming in to the stores, I have enjoyed browsing and mentally picking the things I want if money was no object. I prefer Spring/Summer clothes, they’re cheerful, colourful, lightweight and much more comfortable to wear and this is an outfit I’ve created from the items* I’m currently coveting.
(*Jewellery featured in Dream Outfit features are from Temporary:Secretary shop)
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25 thoughts on “Dream Outfit #1 – Springtime Polkadots

  1. I feel the same as you in this weather! Luckily I have to wear a uniform for my job, but at the weekend I've not bothered too much as, when I look outside, I don't get in the mood to try to look nice! Hopefully the weather will improve soon…fingers (tightly) crossed!
    Some lovely picks anyway 🙂 I have that phonecase, it's so cute, and I really want another bottle of that perfume after finishing mine a few months ago! It's gorgeous. xx

  2. Oh what dreamy picks! That dress is beautiful. Totally know what you mean about feeling more yourself in the nice weather though- I am so bored of being cold now. x

  3. I also really want the dress! The weather is getting a little warmer in my town, although I did spend about 20 minutes just stood in my back garden today to see if I was warm enough with out a coat haha!

    lucy xx

  4. So much lovely stuff in one place. That dress is absolutely adorable. So spring appropriate. Hopefully we'll get some spring weather soon 🙁 I totally hear ya about not bothering to make an effort in the mornings when it's so cold, my thick jumpers and big massive scarves are getting too much wear for this time of year, haha.

  5. I love the pastel tones and layout of your blog! I really like your blog and I'm glad that I found it! I was wondering if you could maybe help me out actually, I got nominated/shortlisted down to the final 10 to win a blogging award in my city (I'm from the countryside of England) and I would absolutely love to win as I never win anything, so would you be able to vote for me? It takes less than 5 seconds and the voting icon is just on the top right sidebar of my blog. It would mean so much to me! Thank you 🙂 🙂

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