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Putting this blog post together tonight is not going right! I was just about to publish and then the content/photos disappeared. On my second attempt, the text didn’t align and it was an overlapping mess! Don’t know what’s going on there! So this is my third (and not as good) attempt in putting this post together! Just a quick one as I’ve spent almost 2 and a half hours on this and I’m getting so hungry. My dress here is from TopShop but on to the focus of this post, the coat! I have had my eye on this beige mac coat for ages, but did I need another coat in my wardrobe? I thought I’d treat myself to what I have deemed as a “Summer coat” – that’s how I am justifying this purchase! It is from Miss Selfridge and it’s not available online anymore but there was loads in the shop when I last went in, a week ago now. I’ve actually discovered that you can check the stock of a certain item so if you click the beige coat in the widget above, it will direct you to a page within the Miss Selfridge site where you can check availability at your nearest store. Very clever indeed!

Miss Selfridge has got some lovely things in stock at the moment, including trench coats in lots of other beautiful colours. I opted for the cream but I like the grey one too. It’s so difficult to find mac/trench coats for shorter girls, I always find myself sitting in front of the sewing machine, taking the hem up of all my coats. The ones from Miss Selfridge are perfect length for petite ladies. No sewing neccessary!

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30 thoughts on “Beige Trench Coat

  1. What a lovely coat. And the dress is so nice and dainty too! I was saving for a Burberry trench, but then used the money elsewhere. Might give Miss Selfridge a go, hope they have some more in stock 🙂

  2. I love trench coats there is something about them that makes them timeless and pretty but also unlike other coats good for bad weather x

  3. You always look so adorable! I like that trench coat, especially the pleats at the end of the flaps. Seems like a very feminine touch~

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