Viridian Ultimate Beauty Organic Rose Oil

Beauty Review | Viridian Ultimate Beauty Organic Rose Oil

Ultimate Beauty Organic Rose Oil*  from Viridian
“We want to bring health and wellbeing to everyone we touch, leaving a gentle footprint on the planet”

Viridian Ultimate Beauty Organic Rose Oil

Hydrating skin and minimizing appearance of scarring

If you have dry and dehydrated skin, and can’t find a moisturiser that works, why not try a face oil?
Face oil is something that is new to me, but after trying a couple of them, I have found that they are not as scary as it sounds, as I discovered last month with Balance Me Radiance Face Oil. It makes sense to put oil on dry or dehydrated skin but it’s rather difficult to grasp the idea of putting oil on oily skin, however I was surprised at how balancing it is. 
Viridian Ultimate Beauty Organic Rose Oil

Beauty insiders say that oil is said to be good for your skin. As with all products, it works differently on the individual but for me (normal/sensitive skin), incorporating face oil in to my skincare routine has been beneficial to my skin, making it look healthy and giving back a radiant glow, also combating dryness and reduce oiliness.
Viridian Ultimate Beauty Organic Rose Oil

Viridian Ultimate Beauty Organic Rose Oil is 99% organic and is certified by the Soil Association. This means that the ingredients are organically grown (good for you and the environment!) and Viridian products does not contain artificial and nasty additives.
Just like the Balance Me Radiance Oil, the Organic Rose Oil comes in a small glass jar with a pipette to dispense the oil which makes things so much easier as you don’t want to be pouring oil from the bottle and on to your palms (it will only end in tears…). 
The Viridian oil doesn’t say it’s for all skin types but has emphasized that it is perfect for dry skin, so perhaps it’s specifically created for that.
A little goes a very long way so only use one or two drops. Rub oil with hands and gently pat it down on cleansed skin. It smells much nicer than the Radiance Oil, a bit like rose tea or the aroma of a rose garden and it does an absolute amazing job of fixing dry patches of skin (usually around my jaw line), and you can even use your moisturiser over it to make it go that extra mile. 
Viridian Ultimate Beauty Organic Rose Oil

There are lots of benefits to using rose oil within skincare, it is moisturising and nourishing, but also a great use for oily skin because it helps large facial pores close up and control grease.

The properties of rose oil can be great to minimize scarring from acne too. I’d recommend this product if you have dehydrated skin but if you have normal/oily skin, I’d go for the Balance Me Radiance Oil because I have found it to be more balancing, or at least for me anyway.

Viridian Organic Rose Oil comes in a 15ml bottle and retails for £32.00. I’d say that this bottle would last me a year if I use it every other day, or nine to ten months at least. It is available from Viridian website.

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7 thoughts on “Beauty Review | Viridian Ultimate Beauty Organic Rose Oil

  1. Hmmm I don't like the idea of putting oil on my face, but in time I found out that the weirdest products have the best results on my face, which is also normal/sensitive. Maybe I'll give it a try.

    Have a nice day,

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