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A Weekend In Dublin

I went to Dublin for my birthday last month and all I can remember was how cold it was so it’s a good job that I’ve got lots of photographs to look back on to remind me of what a good trip it was! 
For some reason, because we were getting there by plane, I thought I would arrive at a destination that was at least a warm. This was not the case and I guess we’re all still waiting for Spring. Bad weather aside, we had a great time in a lovely and charming city. Everyone was really friendly and jolly, just as you would expect.

irish coffees, irish whisky, jameson factory in dublin

We booked a hotel through and opted for a Top Secret Hotel. We had no idea where we were booked in to.. so this is great if you like (good) surprises but not so great if the location is an important criteria to you.

The first time I booked a Top Secret hotel, I was a bit worried but ended up at The Hilton in Kensington! This time in Dublin, our hotel was still as nice but a little far out than we would have liked but that was the risk we took.

Nevertheless, we stayed at The Burlington Hotel which actually has great transport links. Bus stops all over the shop! There is one right outside the hotel.

chandelier places to visit in dublin, places to go in dublin, jameson distillery dubin

We stayed for 3 days and planned things to do which included The Guinness Factory, The Jameson Whisky Distillery, Leprechaun museum and Trinity College. I didn’t know what to expect from the Leprechaun museum, we got tickets on a whim after walking past it, and I thought it’d be fun like Eureka but it was just a walk through tour where the guides told stories and tales.
temple bar dublin

The Jameson Distillery and The Guinness Factory on the other hand were both really good, I would definitely recommend them. You can tuck in to specialty drinks and good quality food. I made sure I consumed plenty of Irish Coffee to warm my cockles so I would not feel the cold as much. Eventually, I had to pop in to Primark/Penney’s to buy a couple of thick wooly jumpers, though.

eddie rockets in dublin
american diner jukebox, jukebox

It wasn’t exactly a traditional Irish dinner but we couldn’t help but try Eddie Rocket’s. It looked great from the outside, and even better from the inside. It was so busy in there and I came to the conclusion that it must be really good if it was jam-packed with customers. That’s always the way, right?

eddie rockets dublin, eddie rockets food, american diner dublin
eddie rockets dublin, eddie rockets food, american diner dublin

It was just the kind of food I needed that day, though. I have tried a lot of burger joints but Eddie Rockets is one of my favourite. It’s got the whole diner concept down to a tee and the quality of the food was great!
Sometimes, all you need in life is a good burger, some onion rings, a huge bowl of chips, cheese and garlic mayo and an Oreo milkshake. Happy days!

onion rings, places to eat in dublin
onion rings, places to eat in dublin
eddie rockets dublin

Have you ever visited Dublin?

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30 thoughts on “A Weekend In Dublin

  1. Firstly, the food pics look sooooo good. You're right, some days you just need fat food like that. Love the pictures, and I'm sympathising about the cold weather. I can't get over the fact that it looks like a Winter Wonderland outside and it's March! I'd never think to use Top Secret Hotels option on (I'm way too paranoid!) but it sounds like it's worked out well for you, definitely keeping that in mind for the future. Cute outfit btw, love your scarf. πŸ™‚

  2. I'm sorry about our terrible weather! It only starts getting warm here at the end of July! It's terrible! I'm glad you enjoyed Eddie Rockets though, I love going there πŸ™‚ x

  3. I love the outfit! So adorable.
    It sounds (and looks) like it was a really nice and fun trip, cold weather aside. I've been wanting to visit Dublin for quite some time so it's nice to get a little preview of it!

  4. Looks like a lovely trip! I haven't ever been to Dublin but it sounds lovely and I'd really like to go. I haven't tried top secret hotels either but will probably give them a go if they turn out to be good! Love your coat too πŸ™‚

  5. I'm very jealous! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I don't exactly have the time or the expenses to travel as freely as I'd like to yet, but Dublin is definitely one of the first places I'd choose, if I could. I'm pretty bad with directions as well – if it weren't for Google Maps and my phone, I would have no idea where I'd be going half the time.

    I'm not sure if I said happy birthday already, or missed your birthday post, or if you didn't post about your birthday at all. So happy belated birthday!

  6. I love these pictures, sounds like you had a good time! I'm especially likig the look of that food… you've made me want to visit Dublin!

  7. Ooh I love your photos in this post, Sarah! It looks like a great few days away, I'd love to visit Dublin, I feel like I always overlook destinations that are relatively close to home. Happy belated birthday, too! xx

  8. Eddie Rockets looks so yummy- I never got around to going when I lived in Cardiff and feel like I really missed out! Your trip sounds like a lot of fun, I'm dying to get to Dublin! x

  9. Looks like a great trip – lovely photos! I've always been curious about the top secret hotel deals and always a bit wary of them. If you say they're good then I might try it out – though with my luck I'll end up at a Travelodge or worse haha!

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