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how to wear black skater skirt, ways to style black skater dress
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I took these photos at the start of the week when it was lovely and sunny. It didn’t last long, did it! I am currently in the process moved houses and haven’t got the Internet installed yet which explains the lack of blog posts on here this week. Whilst I have come back home to get the rest of my stuff, I decided to take advantage of Internet access and get some blogposts scheduled for the week. I’ll try to keep on top of work and emails this fortnight but sorry if I don’t reply to tweets and messages straight away, I’ll get there eventually! Can’t believe how long it takes for a router to arrive! Snail Mail…

When it comes to skater skirts, I like to keep things relatively simple. I had recently been introduced to a brand called EMU and the style challenge this time was to make a basic simple T-Shirt* look stylish. I don’t usually go for V-Neck T-Shirts, they remind me of the fashion style of the Buck Squad from Geordie Shore. Besides, I don’t have the figure to pull off V-Necks, it just doesn’t suit my body shape (long neck, short legs, no boobs) so I sort of panicked when the T-Shirt arrived from EMU and I wanted to return it. Why was I being so silly? It’s only a T-Shirt. Get a grip and just put it on, I thought to myself. I tried it on with a patterned skirt but I didn’t feel comfortable, and then I also paired it up with disco pants but looked like Sandy from Grease but without the sass. In the end, I just decided to play it safe and wore it with my skater skirt (get in to my comfort zone!). I have got a lot of jewellery and picking a statement necklace did the two things I wanted it to; discreetly hide the neckline and accessorize the outfit.

With the whole outfit being the same colour, I like to think I have pulled off a classic faux LBD look by styled with a plain skirt and a sporty black T-Shirt, complete with strategic placement of my accessories. My grudge (or perhaps it’s a fear?) of V-Necks aside, the T-Shirt itself is a lovely material made with quality premium cotton. If you’re a fan of furry boots, you might be interested to know that EMU has a range of comfy fur lined boots

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36 thoughts on “Styling A Black Skater Skirt with EMU Australia

  1. I how the simple pieces in this outfit were taken up a notch by all your cool accessories. Your mustache ring is so cool and I adore your striped jacket.

  2. I used to have a pair of emu boots, I thought I was so indie because everyone else had uggs :') oh dear! Anyway, i love this outfit, you look so gorgeous!

    Pip x

  3. You look great! I do love v-necks but never thought to try wearing them with a skirt to dress them up so thanks for the inspiration. That necklace is gorgeous by the way!
    Nina from little nomad

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