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Radiance Face Oil from Balance Me
Enhances Skin’s Natural Lustre – For all skin types

When I was introduced to face oil, I was a bit dubious and wondered if it would make my skin more oily. I’ve actually tried a sample of face oil before from Decleor and I liked it but didn’t repurchase as I wasn’t entirely sure what I needed it for. The team at Balance Me reassured me that the Face Oil would not cause a greasy break out, and that it is fine to use on areas that are prone to oil. They also informed me of the qualities of this product and why our skin benefits from it.
Balance Me Radiance Face Oil* “smoothes away the years and is made from 100% natural ingredients”. If your skin is lacking lustre, which mine was particularly during the past few months, then this rich face oil will replenish and give it a hydrating boost. Reassuringly, it actually states on the packaging that those who are prone to oily skin does not need to worry about the possible congestion because oil on oil is “extremely balancing and comfortable to wear”. You don’t need to use a lot of this product, two or three drops is more than enough. In fact, when I have tried it with 3 drops, it became too much for my skin and it caused a “tightening” tingly sensation in my face which scared me in to sticking the recommended two drops! It comes in a generous 30ml glass bottle or 15ml bottle with a pipette top for easy control. Drop on to your palm and warm it up before applying to your face. Massage it in using circular motion will help clear toxins and boost cell renewal as well as enhance circulation. The oil absorbs completely after 5 minutes and it is suitable for daily use. It can be put on in the morning before you apply your make up and/or at night time after you’ve removed it all. Generally, I use the oil at night before applying my moisturiser to help my skin replenish during my sleep. I have not suffered sudden break outs from using this product like I initially thought I would nor has it made my skin really oily. The scent is typical of any natural beauty product – not too heavily fragrant and the scent isn’t offensive. The smell of this isn’t as strong when dispensed and the oil is fast-absorbing so the fragrance will not linger.
The face oil contains Amazonian buriti nut, camellia and rose hip oil which addresses  uneven skin tone, reduce redness and minimized scarring. All of this is on top of giving your skin that healthy look! This product sounds like a total beauty hero, it does what you want and more! I use this within my skincare routine and my skin feels smoother after using it, and you can feel the difference the morning after.
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8 thoughts on “Balance Me | Radiance Face Oil

  1. Lovely review I have been looking for a good face oil so enjoyed reading this post very informative and I have bookmarked it to buy next week. I am currently using the Dr Brandt face oil just a small tester bottle I received with an order and I love it however I want to try a variety of oils as I like testing products 😀 plus my skin is oily like you mentioned in the review and I find it helps my skin and really balances it out I prefer using oil to moisturiser 😀 x

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