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Accessorize Lipstick* – £5.00 each

These three lipsticks are a beautiful addition to my make up collection. The packaging of the Accessorize cosmetic range are the nicest and it’s like this all year round so it’s not a “limited edition” range that you have to fight your way to get, and at the price of £5.00, it is a bargain and it sure is something pretty to look at too. Of course, we’d want the product to be worth it too, I absolutely do not ever fall for pretty packaging and I never purchase something just because it looks nice…. (I lie. I do this more than I care to admit! I’m a sucker for cute packaging)
I have the lipsticks in three shades. Head Over Heels which is a classic red, Passionate which is a deep berry shade and finally, Infatuated which is a purple. They’re all very pigmented and matte finishes are not the easiest to use but I found that all three vary in formula consistency with the red being the easiest one to apply without it being patchy. Infatuated isn’t too difficult either. Both of these shades have a bit of gloss to it even if it’s just a hint, which allows this formula to glide on more smoothly. The darkest shade, Passionate, was a bit tricky and I would say is more of a true matte finish and the most drying. It’s quite waxy so this is what makes it difficult to apply. It is a beautiful shade, mainly perfect for winter but I would suggest applying this one with a lip brush, or add a bit of gloss over it to moisturise. As with all matte lipsticks, it is essential to scrub or exfoliate lips beforehand (the sugar lip scrubs from LUSH are pretty amazing). All three shades are vibrant and dramatic, and the colour does last several hours. I’ll probably wear it over balm during the day time for a sheer finish. However, that’s probably not necessary as each stick comes with a small pot of gloss which is attached the the lid. This is a great design and a nice alternative option for days when you’re wearing less make up but still want to wear a tint of your favourite Accessorize lippy. 
It is more helpful to show photos of the cosmetic products on faces, especially lipsticks – but what with the constant overcast, I am struggling to get a bright photo of my face that shows up the true colour of the lipstick. I have tried taking photos but the image comes out dark and annoyingly grainy! I guess this is when I wish I had a youtube channel. I’m sure I’ll incorporate Head Over Heels in to an outfit post and review this shade at a later date.
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22 thoughts on “Accessorize Lipstick Review

  1. I've never tried their lippies before but they're so affordable! I wonder if they do any pinkier shades? I have tiny lips so have to be careful of the colours I choose…


  2. Looks great! The packaging is cute though I'd have preferred if the 'Accessorize' logo wasn't so big! The red is my favourite – I look forward to seeing these on you 😀 xx

  3. I didn't even know they did lipsticks and I'm in there all the time. Think my eye goes straight to the cutie necklaces. The packaging is so gorgeous and I love the look of 'Passionate.'

  4. Oh the packaging is really romantic & cute. They did a nice job with it. Now it would be interesting how the lipsticks wear through the day.

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