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Where did you get it from?
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This comfy and slouchy T-shirt* is from Brat & Suzie who are now stocked on ASOS. One of my favourite colour is purple and I was born on the Year Of The Rat, so this teacup mouse tshirt makes it my new favourite!

Whenever I feel that something is too “casual”, I always wear one of the many blazers I’ve got in my wardrobe. Just to make me feel like I’ve made an effort (even though I haven’t! Lazy….) The first time I featured the Brat & Suzie on the blog last year, I was wearing a cute squirrel tshirt which breaks the ice with people. I mean, come one! It’s a squirrel on a motorbike! It’s funny!

I’m sad that Award Season is over, I always stay up to watch all the big award shows. I feel like I am still recovering from staying up watching The Oscars, it seemed to go on forever this year! I’m going to have a little nap after work and catch up with some Zzz’s, I have a busy few days ahead of me as I prepare to move. I hate packing and I seem to lose things along the way. Ugh, can’t be bothered….I might just watch Sex And The City all night instead!

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48 thoughts on “Teacup Mouse | Brat & Suzie TShirt

  1. You look absolutely lovely! And that tee is utterly perfect! The mouse is just adorable, and he's sitting in a tea cup which just makes it even better! xxx

  2. Good luck with your move lovely πŸ™‚ I'm sure it will go fine once you get motivated! I love Brat & Suzie, I've never bought anything by them but I saw them somewhere quite a while ago and remember liking their designs. You look fab as usual! xx

  3. I love your t-shirt, it's so cute! And I agree, blazers are the best way to dress an outfit up a little bit. Luckily the Oscars were on about midday, my time, the day before I went back to uni, so it was a nice way to spend my last day of freedom.


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