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As soon as it hits February, we are pretty much slapped in the face with all things Valentine’s! It can be quite depressing if you’re not in a relationship but I don’t mind it either way because my birthday is on Valentine’s Day so14th February has a completely different meaning to me. I’ve never been a fan of  lovey-dovey fluffy teddies and cuddly toys anyway, unless it’s a ridiculously cute bunny rabbit or Boo The Dog.

I do like flowers though – providing they’re not in plant pots – this is very important as I have a phobia of pot plants! I freeze up at the sight up of them! It’s a phobia I’ve had since I was little and I have no idea how it even started. Garden centres are my worst nightmare and eating outside at a BBQ is not my most favourite thing to do! I’m not a fan of those big tree things that are in Nandos, I can’t sit near them or have them in my sight, it makes me very uncomfortable! Most people don’t even notice these things but I really really hate it. Pot plants to me may as well be spiders, I find them both as scary as each other! I know it sounds absolutely stupid, but I think it’s the compost that makes me feel a bit sick. As long as I don’t see that bit, I’m ok! Otherwise I will just run away from it…

This year, a couple of Valentine’s Day gift arrived earlier courtesy of Interflora and Krispy Kreme*! The new doughnuts that has been added to the Krispy Kreme variety are chocolate truffle heart and red velvet cake. Both were very nice but I do still prefer Original Glaze! I was out when the couriers tried to deliver them and they left a note saying “the doughnuts are behind the bin”. Doughnut saboteur! The box of treats weren’t that close to the bin so I toddled back off inside and ate two for lunch! The chocolate truffle heart is very nice, I find the red velvet cake sightly too heavy. They are both yummy, I love Krispy Kreme!

If only every week started with a huge bouquet of roses* and some heart shaped food! I always go for bouquets without lillies in them because the pollen are toxic to cats. Our first cat died from lily poisoning 🙁 It was so sad. Whenever I received any with them in, I have to throw them out. Roses are good though, classic Valentine’s flowers! Interflora prides themselves in customer service and reliability, whenever I have used their services, flowers have always arrived on time and they are so well wrapped, you almost don’t want to cut it all up and put it in a vase. Interflora’s Valentine’s day flowers start from £19.99 (or how about this one for £499.99…wowzers!), some bouquets will come with the vase or a nice box of chocolates! Flowers and chocolate are such cliches, but really it is the PERFECT combo!

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20 thoughts on “Perfect Valentines Presents | Roses and Doughnuts!

  1. happy birthday coming up! I love valentines day just because everything is pink and red and heartshaped 🙂
    Those donuts look delicious! Hope your birthday month is rad 🙂

  2. I love their original doughnut but these are cute. Ha I'm single for the first time on Valentine's day for the past 9 years? Luckily it's a my parents anniversary so I don't have to be alone during all of this!

  3. Ha! I was looking at the options at work as I had to organise flowers for a colleague – but the £500 flowers are insane aren't they? Your flowers are gorgeous and I love that your birthday is the 14th Feb, how cute!! The pot plant phobia is indeed a unique phobia but I am glad that they didn't send you one!

  4. There's a red velvet doughnut? Awesome 🙂 And I had no idea lillies were toxic to cats. They're my fav flower and I'm getting cats this year so thats good to know! 🙂 x

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