Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Liner Black – £5.99

I’ve recently been buying a lot of liquid eyeliner because I got fed up with the MAC one drying up so quickly. MAC Fluidline eyeliner is a good product but I wouldn’t say that it’s worth the money purely because it dries up before you get to finish the whole pot. In the past, I’ve bought three and used it every day but I never got round to using it all up until it was empty. I decided to spend my money much more wisely and try out some affordable brands and I thought I’d give the pens a go. 
The first one I bought was Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner which retails at £5.99. Quite often, Superdrug and Boots do promotional offers such as 3 for 2 (YAY!) so it is possibly to get this a bit cheaper. I liked this one because of the ultra-thin brush tip (0.4mm) and it’s easy to apply with precision and get it onto the lash line with no troubles. The colour comes out pretty good too, I like my eyeliner really dark and this formula is quite pigmented, although you can see from the swatch image above that it’s not the blackest one out of the lot. You know how sometimes a product can really set on your skin and feel a bit cakey? This eyeliner doesn’t do that, in fact, the formula is really light and it doesn’t set either. It also looks glossy in the photograph but it actually dries with a matte finish, I don’t mind either finishes, I don’t have a preference. As I’ve just mentioned, the formula doesn’t set and the eyeliner doesn’t run when water touches but it’s not entirely waterproof either and it can smudge and fade so I probably won’t choose to wear this during Summer when I suffer from hayfever! (Hi Panda Eyes!). However, I’m not so down and out about it through, because sometimes I use the “smugding” quality to it’s advantage to create a base for the soft smokey eye. What I would do is apply the eyeliner on a bit thicker than usual and use an eye shadow applicator to fade it upwards and get a gradual blend, add a nude eyeshadow with a brush over the top to soften the look. Then I would apply another layer of eyeliner thinly on to the lash lash to define the eyes and neaten it up. The staying power of it is good as long as you remember not to touch it, but it’s an easy product to reapply. The best thing about this one is the price and also really how thin the nib is and that it dries almost straight away. It’s a nice and easy eyeliner to use to achieve the precise shape of line you want.
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10 thoughts on “Review | Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner

  1. I love pen eyeliners, so this review was really useful. I think I'll probably wait and see if something a bit blacker with more staying power catches my eye now!

  2. This is the eyeliner I use daily, and I love it! Mostly I love how precise a line you can get, and I can really get exactly the perfect shape of cat-eye without mistakes. Love it!

  3. I don't even own eyeliner because I'm so terrified of applying it, but given the price, I might have to give this one a try. I'd love to master eyeliner.


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