Casetagram phone case* – Price for iPhone 4/4s case is $34.95 (£22.00/£23.00)

Look who it is on my new phone case! It’s OSCAR! Lots of Oscar pics! It is from a company called Castegram where you can customise phone cases with your Instagram photos. Such a good idea to combine the two together! You can sync it up with Instagram of Facebook, or simply upload your own photos to create your own unique design. You can re-position each photo and even add an effect on it. iPhone 4/4s cases costs $34.95 and iPhone 5 cases retails are $39.95 and of course it will cost more for iPad covers but as they are bigger, you can add a lot more photos on those. I usually use XE Currency Converter to convert to sterling. Other products available are cases for various Galaxy devices. The case took a week to reach me and it was wrapped securely in a cute little parcel box. There are also other layout available but I chose the standard row-by-row squares. You can have rectangle images or heart shaped ones, there’s 17 layout designs to choose from.

I am really pleased with how it turned out and it is very easy to put on and take off. Some cases are a bit of a struggle to get off but Casetagram products fit nice and snug but it’s also easy to remove too. It is a frosty finish which means there’s a tiny bit of a rough texture over the images therefore the photos may not be as clear as you’d expect. It’s not a problem at all but I do recommend using the photos that are taken in good light. If you think your images are too dark, it is worth brightening them up before you put it on your Castagram design as one or two of mine have turned out darker than it is on the computer screen. I quite like the frosty texture though, makes the phone less slippery which means less chance of me dropping it!

Casetagram are kindly giving me an opportunity to give one away to you guys! This giveaway will be launched tomorrow on my Facebook page and you won’t be getting a phone cover with lots of Oscar pics on it! The winner will be able to design their very own from scratch! YAY! I’ll sort that out  for you all tomorrow (Monday)! All details will be over on Facebook!

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16 thoughts on “Casetagram Phone Cases (and GIVEAWAY)

  1. Aww how cute are all of those photos?! I know what you mean about fit, I recently bought a case and it fit horribly so I can't even use it 🙁 sounds like a great giveaway! xx

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