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Boohoo launched a new competition campaign on Monday called GlobalStyler and they’re asking fans to wear their best Boohoo outfit and hold the speech bubble sign to state where ever you are in the world at the moment. The sign can be downloaded from the Boohoo website and printed off. The winner will win a trip of a lifetime and choose where they want to go on holiday. They get to take a friend with them too! Not too shabby, right?!
I received this lovely lace playsuit* last month and I took it on my Dublin trip last week, hoping I would get some good photos but it was FAR TOO COLD in Dublin to show it off! I thought it would be really sunny, for some reason?! Anyone would think I was packing my suitcase to go to Australia! Once I sort my photos out, I’ll blog about the trip.

Boohoo had asked some bloggers to choose an outfit and take a photo of ourselves holding the speech bubble so last week I went down the road and took advantage of all the amazing scenery in my hometown – something I don’t do enough! I live in a Georgian town where there’s a castle and cobbles, it makes such a nice backdrop for outfit photos but only on nice sunny days, which are, of course, quite rare! It gets really busy during Summer time with tourists coming to play as well as the locals! I’m actually leaving next week, I’m not moving far at all but the area I’m going is no where near as nice as the countryside. We always tend to take our home for granted! There will be few more Yorkshire pics to show you in my next blog post! Don’t forget to take part in #GlobalStyler, someone’s got to win the holiday of their choice! And you’ve got to be in it to win it! If you could take a trip to any destination in the world, where would you you go? 

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27 thoughts on “Boohoo Global Styler

  1. So jealous of your hometown! Mine is mostly tall buildings and skyscrapers – while it might be trendy, there's nothing that beats castles and cobblestones.

    I really like your necklace and bag, very cute~

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