Balance Me – Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm* – £20.00 for 125ml

Balance Me:
natural, high-performance, paraben and sulphate free, aromatherapy skincare products, made in the UK

These cleansers are all the rage and I am personally a huge fan of these types of face cleansing products. I regularly use Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and another favourite of mine is Burt’s Bee’s Orange Essence Cleanser, so I was keen to try another similar type of product. Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth, a natural oil-based balm, is similar in that the cleaning process is the same. You apply the product to your face and remove with a warm damp cloth. That is where the similarity ends, because the texture and consistency of the product itself could not be more different. It is quite unique in that it’s a balm with oatmeal in it. The oatmeal part sounds weird, right? It’s actually really gentle and it is there to lightly polishes your face. Not scratchy in the slightest! The scent of this is not an overpowering one either. It’s not a strong artificial smell, I would describe it as clean and natural. Maybe almost like “oats” but perhaps that’s just my brain telling me it smells of oats because I know there’s oatmeal in it.
The instructions are that you apply a small amount to dry skin and as it is a gooey balm, it can feel greasy on your face to begin with. You’ll only need to put a bit on your face because when you have covered the surface of your face with it, the next steps are to rub it in with a bit of water to make it easier to work in to your skin. This removes stubborn make up and dirt. You massage for about 1 minute before wiping the excess away with warm cloth which is provided. You’ll only need to use a small amount each time which means the tube will last longer.
I found that this requires a bit effort than Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish, which means it takes more time to go through the whole cleansing process. Only by about 5 minutes, but still, not as quick as Cleanse and Polish. It left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated with a healthy glow but the first time I used it, I hadn’t removed the product probably and my face still felt greasy so I knew for next time that I had to take more time and more care in wiping it off.  I’m also a bit cautious about using this over the eye area even though it says on the packaging that you can. When the product becomes more runny with water, I’m petrified of it going in to my eyes! Due to the product being oil-based, I wouldn’t recommend it to those with oily skin. My skin type is normal/sensitive and I had no issues with this product other than a few breakouts but this happens every time I use a new product. This varies from person to person but this is a product made purposely for normal or dry/sensitive skin type. The Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm cost £20.00 for 125ml and it includes a muslin cloth. It is available on the Balance Me website, Waitrose or John Lewis.
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10 thoughts on “Balance Me Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm | Review

  1. I fell in love with the Balance Me eye cream that came as a sample with a magazine a few months ago, it has not long ran out and I'm looking forward to the day when I can afford to repurchase! Too poor at the moment, but it is definitely a must-have item 🙂 I don't think I'd go for the face balm, as my skin can get quite oily at times and I wouldn't want to exacerbate it! xx

  2. Ive got this and it is the best eye makeup remover ive ever used. I love it! In fact ill be doing a post on it myself this week 🙂

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