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I first heard of Traffic People a while ago when I walked past their shop at Kingly Court. It was very pretty and girly shop decorated with gorgeous wallpaper and birdcages. Thinking back, it must’ve been at least 6 years ago now – I’m sure the shop isn’t there anymore? At the time, that was very much the only style that I was in to. The shirt I am wearing is 100% silk and unlike the synthetic sheer fabrics the high street use, this shirt doesn’t crackle and cause static shock throughout the day. It is on sale at the moment from £69.00 to £34.00. The print is really sweet, it has got rocking horses and bows on it.
The black jersey skirt isn’t a new purchase but it is still available on the Topshop website. I bought the jersey one  with an elasticated waist and it cost £16.00 – a bargain for Topshop, especially as I get a lot of wear out of this! I have a lot of black skirts in all kinds of styles but this one is my current favourite. I’ve just spotted another similar full skater skirt which fastens with a back zip and is a little bit more expensive than the one I bought. 
Sometimes I get tweets from people asking what camera I use. When my last one broke, I got a new one, an entry level DSLR Nikon d3100. The lens I often use are the standard kit lens, 35mm and 50mm lens. I found a YouTube channel last week and it is called DigitalRevCom. I’ve been watching so many of their videos recently and I’ve learnt a lot about how to use a DSLR (properly). Here’s one of my favourite videos of theirs; 5 reasons why you need a 50mm lens
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30 thoughts on “Traffic People

  1. You have the best taste in blouses! This one and the oxblood one is tempting me so badly! I have the black skirt and i've gotten so much wear out of it, its amazing quality/ price for topshop! Think its gone up, it was £14 when I originally brought it! xxx

  2. It's been ages since I've been to Kingly Court – will have to check if they're still there… That blouse is so cute – so you – and I really like the fact that it's silk rather than some man-made fabric.

    Thanks for your sweet comment – commenting on utensils isn't dorky at all, I'd do exactly the same thing 😉

    Have a lovely week xo

  3. The shirt is really pretty but I LOVE the coat! The bow is so cute and the colour is gorgeous…but I don't need another coat!

    I must say I really like your outfit posts lately, the lighting seems to be just right 🙂 xx

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