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Blanche The Blues* from SOAK Yourself

This immediately reduced any Monday blues I had when I unwrapped the parcel and discovered all those bath products! It was a very exciting parcel from an independant retailer called SOAK Yourself. The concept of the brand is very much based on the emphasis that we need to take time out from our busy schedules to set your troubles aside and simply relax, recharge and reconnect. In the past, I have often worked non-stop that I may skip meals or stay up late. I’ve been much better since I came to the realisation that in the long run, this routine will burn me out. 
SOAK Yourself have come up with these unique handmade gift sets which they call Bath Ritual Recipe Kit. There are currently seven different sets priced at £40 each: Broken Heart, Feeling Groovy, Full Moon, Love, Muscle, Remedy and Blanche The Blues. Each box and comes in a different bright and bold colour. I chose Blanche The Blues which comes in a gorgeous Tiffany blue box and everything is in a shade of blue. The contents of the box are three bottles of essential oils, one handmade soap, a candle and a candle holder, a bag of bath salts and a camomile teabag. It comes with a recipe which instructs you how many drops of each of the oils you need to put in the bath, and how many teaspoons of the bath salt. It’s a great idea and would make a lovely gift for a friend. I think the Broken Heart kit would cheer anyone up who is going through tough times, it’s bright yellow for starters! In contrast to that, they have a Valentine’s Day themed LOVE kit. Each box is a sensorial journey of hand-made, expertly selected products designed to unwind the body and relax the mind.
Another amazing thing about SOAK Yourself is this: 50p from the sale of each box of SOAK Yourself bath rituals will go to help charities in need of support  – from funding computers in youth centres, to buying plants for a hospice garden, a day trip out for an elderly person or giving a sick child an experience they’ve always dreamed of. That way, it’s not just one person that you’re helping when you buy a SOAK Yourself ritual. 
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16 thoughts on “SOAK Yourself Bath Set | Review

  1. These look incredible, and the packaging is so cute too! I not long found out I'm allergic to some parfums so if these are fragrance-free, I'd definitely have to try one!I love that they're all-natural and contribute towards good causes too.

    Lindsay x

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