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If you are an avid fan of beauty blogs then you will have heard a lot about how amazing Liz Earle products are. My friend actually introduced the brand to me a few years ago but ever since she mentioned it, I started to take more notice to the reviews on blogs because I was intrigued about the brand.

I am hesitant with changing skincare products because they to tend to be expensive and without a sample trial, you never know whether it is worth the money or not. Apart from the two reviews I have read where the girls have had a bad reaction to some Liz Earle products, on the whole, most people swear by this award-winning beauty product – myself included! 

These travel sized miniatures will come in handy when I am going on a short trip next month! My favourite product in this set* is Cleanse and Polish is an amazing cleanser which removes all traces of make up and dirt. I’m not keen on cleansers that have a foam or runny consistency but this one is like a thick creamy formula which you apply on to your face and then wipe the excess off with a soft muslin cloth that is provided in the kit.

The exfoliator is pleasant to use unlike some of the more grittier ones that I’ve used in the past which feels like you’re rubbing glass in to your skin! (drama queen…) The next product is the skin tonic which I have used before in a spray applicator. The one in the kit is just a bottle which you pour on to cotton pad. I have yet to find a toner that suits my skin and I have spent a lot of money on various types that just doesn’t work for me so this one isn’t my favourite product to use as I never know how it will leave me skin the next morning or throughout the day.

Toner tends to leave dry patches on my face and although the Liz Earle Skin Tonic is pleasant to use, it is a product that doesn’t agree with me. It has a lovely scent and it is alcohol-free. Face cream complete the cleanse, tone and moisturise routine and in this kit, there is a 15ml Skin Repair Moisturiser. It is available in normal/combination or dry/sensitive to provide the right level of moisturisation. It’s a light and hydrating formula – I prefer to use it during the day and then I use a different brand at night.

There are two eye treatments and to be honest, I don’t use these types of products. I have been using the two that are in the kit but I can’t tell if it’s making any difference but I suppose a week isn’t long enough. I am lucky that I don’t have wrinkles around my eyes (yet) and I don’t often suffer from bags under my eyes.

The Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion is to soothe and revitalise tired, puffy eyes. It contains witch hazel and aloe vera, and all you do is pour a little bit on to cotton pads and rest them over your eyes for 5-15 minutes. I would love to hear from anyone who has tried this and to know whether it has worked for them!

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12 thoughts on “Liz Earle Starter Set | Review

  1. Hmm, this looks like a good product line. I might just have to check it out. Thank you for oyur post on it!

    *now your newest follower via greader. 🙂

  2. I love Liz Earle, it seems to work really well with my skin. I love eyebright! I pop it in the fridge for a while before I use it and it feels so refreshing, my eyes look and feel much better since using it 🙂 x

  3. My Mum is such a fan of Liz Earl that me and my sisters get it for our birthdays and Christmas presents every year! I use the 'Cleanse & Polish' and the 'Toner' around 3-4 times a week rather than everyday – so that it stays a treat for my face! I really do feel like my skin has had a deep clean after using it which is lovely. Their moisturiser I also find perfect for under make-up 🙂

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