This floral tunic from Topshop is the same cut and fit as this one I’m wearing here. I actually prefer the black version but I thought I would treat myself to another because the black one is a little torn on the shoulders! I only discovered it a few weeks ago and it looks like someone has already attempted to sew it back up and it certainly wasn’t me! Very mysterious! Very sneaky, Topshop! 

Instead of the usual links of where I got the items, I have added some little icons below the photos. As I am a hoarder, I still wear a lot of clothes that I purchased years ago. For the items that are discontinued or out-of-stock, I will look for similar pieces. 

Hopefully, by finding similar items in place of those old pieces will hopefully be more useful to you than me saying “Oh, I got this top/shoes/bag ten years ago…..”. My watch is actually from the mid 90’s, and I know it doesn’t have bunny ears but I wish it did, just like this watch from ASOS! It’s a bit goofy but I love it! I hope it’s still in stock on the next payday, I am going to buy it! I’m on a spending ban as I have a tax return bill to pay, and then I am going on holiday for my birthday! On top of that, my passport has ran out of date and I can’t believe how much it is to renew it! £103 to fast track! Ugh. My bank statement for February is going to be so depressing. Never mind……I’ll just put is aside…… or under the bed. Forever!

There’s been a sudden buzz over a new app called Vine! It’s like instagram but instead of posting photos, you make 6 second videos. I wasn’t too keen at first but it’s definitely better than it sounds! If you have Vine, my username is TempSec and you will find a few clips of Oscar! I will eventually mix things up a bit once I figure out how to Vine properly. It’s nice to bring Oscar to life over social media and you can all see him for the crazy beast he is! He always looks “sleepy” in photos, but he’s very lively in his Vine vids! He’s such a funny pet, really hilarious. I’ll try and capture some of his funny ways… but you know what they say… “never work with animals”.

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32 thoughts on “Floral Print Smock Tunic

  1. This tunic looks stunning on you, it's really lovely!

    I might actually give Vine a go, I like the idea of mini-videos, sort of like a visual Twitter/moving Instagram! x

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