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I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I love Christmas and I’m sad it’s over now, but there’s New Year to look forward to! We had a quiet one this year. Mum decided to let me and my sister’s cook dinner and gave us all a task to do. I was in charge of setting the table but I forgot the crackers and I lost the festive napkins! We usually clutter the table with the food but I decided that that’s not how we will do it this year. The table ended up being quite simple but this is a difference to what we usually do things! One of my sisters made the food and I’d never seen the kitchen so calm on Christmas Day! I posted a few photos on Instagram, including a couple of cat pics like this one! You can find me and Oscar on Instagram, my username is @TempSec
I started the day in my Reindeer Christmas Jumper from BANK and later I got changed in to this outfit. We opened presents when everyone was awake and all together. We had so many presents under the tree this year – there was even one for Oscar! I’ll blog about the gifts I got very soon. The day was spent with family, we ate chocolates, played new Wii/Xbox game and looked forward to sticky toffee pudding which Mum makes every Christmas. She uses the Delia Smith recipe and has been making them each Christmas for years and years! It’s what we look forward to the most!
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34 thoughts on “Photos from Christmas Day

  1. I love how the table was set out!! So pretty! Our family had every inch of the table filled up with food so not as elegant as yours 🙂 Merry Christmas! x

  2. Your Christmas day looks so pretty and wonderful, from the table settings to the scruptious looking food! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas lovely

    Eda x

  3. Oh what a completely lovely blog you have 🙂 the table decorations are so beautiful, you have a very creative mind 🙂

    the food btw looks so delicious that i want it to be christmas day again haha 😛

    a new follower 🙂

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