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Christmas Jumpers From Primark

I have never owned a Christmas jumper and now I’ve got two from Primark! 
Primark is probably everyone’s “go to” when it comes to festive jumpers, you just can’t beat it in price and there are so many festive designs to choose from! Each year, Primark Christmas jumpers range gets bigger and bigger!

Primark Snowman Jumper

High street knitwear are pretty pricy in general and I never bothered buying a festive jumper (until now!) because I am reluctant to pay £50+ for something that is only going to be worn one or two times of times a year. 
This year, I snapped up two Christmas Jumpers from Primark (you can always count on Primark for seasonal novelties!) which were priced £12.00 each from the menswear section and there’s a few other festive designs to choose from! 
I bought these Christmas jumpers in November along with some other things which I have shown here in my Primark Haul. They remind me of Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones, one of my favourite movies of all time! 
When I visited Primark, there were lots of other jumpers to pick from including a cute penguin design and a Christmas tree one but out of the selection, I picked the snowman and the Christmas pudding. I’m not sure how well the snowman jumper will hold up after a couple of rounds in the washing machine but it was too cute, I couldn’t resist it!
Primark Christmas jumper, christmas pudding

If anyone one else has blogged about their Christmas jumpers, tweet me your blog post links or feel free to leave a link in the comment box below! Now that I am off work for a week, I’m going to doing a lot of catching up with all your blogs! 
Primark Christmas Jumpers
Now for the main reason behind this blogpost and the reason why these photos were taken.

I took these photos for Olivia from What Olivia Did to include in a “Christmas Jumper Day” feature on her blog. National Christmas Jumper Day was last Friday (14th Dec – I’m late on writing this, but it is never too late to donate if this is something you wish to do) and the idea of this fundraiser campaign is that on that day, you wear favourite festive knit to work, school, college or where ever you plan to go on that day and donate to charity, Save The Children.

The charity is dedicated to saving children’s lives and fight for the rights in Countries across the World. Donations will go towards resources and aid for those who are affected by food crisis, they also help children get a better education to improve their future and they are currently working to improve health systems in Sierra Leone.

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46 thoughts on “Christmas Jumpers From Primark

  1. Those are adorable! I've never had any Christmas sweaters either (except for the ones that mom bought when I was a kid, haha) so I might do some post-Christmas shopping for next year's sweaters.

    Thank you for your sweet comment, too! I admit that I've been lurking around your blog for a while, I seriously love your sense of style. Happy holidays to you as well 🙂

  2. Love the snowman one! I hear most Primarks are sold out though, I hope they bring it back next year, don't see why not they've been so popular! 🙂

    What a lovely cause as well! 🙂

  3. I love these, I have the penguin one and I wore it on the 14th but because it was my last day at work I wasn't aware it was national Christmas jumper day xxx

  4. Oh my god that snowman jumper is so cute! I would pop into town to see if I can pick one up but the thought of going this close the Christmas is horrifying!

  5. I love Christmas jumpers so much but I've put off buying one for ages, my family live abroad in a pretty warm country so when I spend Christmas with them a jumper is totally redundant sadly. Yours look so cozy!
    Nina from little nomad

  6. I love the Christmas Pudding one! I just bought myself a gingerbread man one from Joy, definitely pricier than I wanted but it's so darn cute. Will have to get a photo of me wearing it soon! Not long to go now, hope you have a fab Christmas Sarah xx

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