Something a little different from Christmas Day’s feast! It seems like a Chinese tradition to have hotpot on Boxing Day! It seems quite popular anyway and I don’t know why this is…I guess it’s because it’s easy to do and especially handy when you have invited lots of people over at the house. After the choas of preparing and making Christmas dinner the day before, a hotpot is a fairly quick and easy way to eat on Boxing Day. I can’t say that hot pot excites me, but it is quite a fun way to eat and it’s sociable to have everyone around at the table making their own dinner! 
There’s no set rule as to what to have at a hot pot but it usually involves meat and lots of it. We get some food from the Chinese supermarket, but most of the food will come from good old reliable Tesco!  The food is put around the table and you put whatever you want to eat into the little baskets and it goes in the hotpot centrepiece! I had noodles and tofu with spring onions and shallots. The food is sometimes set up really nicely like this but ours was just put on platters like any old how. My grandma bought over some Snowball and Babycham, which felt very nostalgic. She’d give us a bottle of Snowball when we visited her during the festive season (so cute!). The evening was finished off with Rekorderlig cider and more chocolate! Yummy!

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21 thoughts on “Boxing Day

  1. Hotpot is so easy and it's nice to take your time to eat it without much fuss! We normally have hotpot on Christmas Day as no one is bothered about turkey! The heart shaped bowls are adorable!

  2. I love Chinese hotpot! Or as my family like to call it…steamboat! I missed hotpot this year because I was working but hopefully I'll find an establishment that does hotpot to satisfy my cravings 😀


  3. Oh Sarah, these photos are so pretty and clear! Techie comments aside… how yummy does this all look?! I had a few of my Chinese friends over last weekend for our annual hotpot dinner and it looked almost exactly the same as this 😛 I adore those little heart dishes of yours! Hope you had a lovely Christmas! xx

  4. that is such a nifty idea 🙂
    and who does not love babycham?!

    I loved the tea set in your previous post, where was that from??

    Merry Christmas


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