LUSH popcorn lip scrub
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lush lip scrub flavours, lush lip scrubs
Lip Scrubs from LUSH – £5.25

I have tried a few flavours of this product and the newest one I’ve purchased is popcorn flavoured. The green POW WOW tub isn’t available anymore but the rest are still in their lip scrub range. I didn’t like pow wow, it tasted and smelt nice but it had popping candy in which sort of hurt when rubbed on your skin. Not because the popping candy explodes on your lips (just joking…) but because they’re too lumpy. Tasted nice though! For those who haven’t tried these before, they are little pots of flavoured sugar which are applied to the lips to remove dry skin. They are natural and edible, but I guess some people may find it weird to lick it afterwards since you are technically licking the dead skin of your lips.  Like the team at LUSH told me, the product is addictive, a bit like eating a donut and you just want to lick the sugar off your lips. If you do get a bit creeped out, you can just rinse off with water. 
Popcorn is the latest addition to my collection and as I mentioned in my last LUSH review, it was an impulse purchase. I don’t need anymore lip scrubs, but I was sold when the sales assistant told me that it’s salty popcorn flavour. A small pot cost £5.25 and I use this twice a day during winter as I get chapped lips and these sugar scrubs really help smooth things! The packaging describes the taste as buttery and caramel but I read the ingredients and this contains sea salt. It’s not overpowering but now all I think about when I use this product is the sea salt. It is salt and sweet, it’s pleasant enough and it is an interesting flavour for a beauty product like this. The one I would repurchase again and highly recommend is Bubblegum, no salty surprises in that one!

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29 thoughts on “Popcorn Flavoured Lip Scrub | LUSH Review

  1. I have the bubblegum one & love it, but you are right – it is quite weird to be able to taste the sugar. I tend to keep it in the shower so I can just rinse off my lips with water.

    Love the sound of the popcorn one, I am addicted to popcorn-anything! x

  2. I looked at this the other day in Lush, but I'd really hoped it would be more of a toffee popcorn flavour! I have Bubblegum too, and am currently using it twice a day as the weather in Canada is completely drying my lips and skin out! It's my absolute favourite, although I'm someone who rinses it off with water – the dead skin thing freaks me out too 🙂

  3. I have the bubblegum flavour and I love it! It does wonders for my lips plus tastes amazing. I could eat it for tea, seriously

  4. I love using Lush shampoo bars they last for ages and make my hair so healthy I haven't tried the lip scrubs but I find once you fall in love with one product from Lush you just want to try them all! I smelt the new perfume range in store the other day one smelt like BBQ… x

  5. I've been wanting to try these for ages – I have so much trouble with my lips being sore and it always makes me feel nervous to wear lipstick 🙁 Really need to get one!!
    Love Holly x

  6. I have wanted to pick one of these up for ages, but never get round to it! The popcorn one sounds nice. I love popcorn! Does the sea salt in it dry the lips out at all? x

  7. popcorn sounds like a super interesting flavor. I really wanted to try pow wow, but they discontinued it before I could have a go at it! I suppose I'll get sweetlips when I make my next trip to Lush. Love their stuff!

  8. just posted about the bubblegum one ! these are so useful and the popcorn one sound nice ! xx

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