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I visited a local fashion boutique called Jules B recently and it was the Lulu Guinness accessories that caught my eye. I’m a huge fan of bags – and I really admire how “out there” Lulu Guinness accessories designs are.
If you want to stand out, take a look at Lulu Guinness accessories for its quirky, witty and totally unique designs.
Lulu Guinness is known for her unique quirkiness – and this reflects in her wonderfully wacky designs. I don’t own a design of hers but have always admired from afar.
I love handbags, so I am immediately drawn to these because they of how cute and different they are. Items like the Wanda Doll Face Bag is extremely sweet. Not so versatile, but versatility isn’t what you’re looking for in a Lulu Guinness bag!
The quality of these bags (as with all designer bags) are perfect. Immaculately produced with great attention to detail and you do get what you pay for, so if you take that decision to purchase a designer bag or purse, you know you’re paying for perfect quality and craftsmanship.
Prices on Jules B website start from £44.99 for a card holder and the most expensive bag they stock retails at £624.99.
The more I look at the Annabelle Shoulder bag, the more I want it! It’s because it’s similar to the Mulberry Lily which I’ve had my eye on for a long time! I’m imagining all the outfits I could wear it with. I better start saving up!
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