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When it comes to beauty products, I am someone who relies on blogs and YouTube. After discovering so many new ones to read and watch, I’ve been more and more interested in make up tutorials and beauty reviews over the past 12 months.

I’m fairly cynical about the things I read in magazines so even if they’re hyped up by journalists, I’m often questioning their opinion and how honest it actually is. Before I was interested in blogs, I used to be so boring when it came to beauty products and my make up bag consisted of the same thing so when it ran out, I’d just repurchase it.

I guess I just didn’t like to venture out of my comfort zone. I was cautious with experimenting with make up because I hadn’t a clue what to do and didn’t want to run the risk of looking like a clown.

Thanks to YouTube and beauty bloggers, I am more clued up on what’s what! It’s still so overwhelming to go shopping for new cosmetics with so many types of products on the market! For instance, even knowing which complexion base to go for is a bit daunting. Primer? BB cream? Tinted moisturiser? Concealor? Illuminators? Colour corrector? Highligher? Foundation (liquid or powder? what brand to go for? which shade? Matt? Dewy? Light/medium/full coverage?!) – Heading in to the shops to find that one product is enough to put anyone off! With the help of the honest opinions from bloggers, I can usually go out and make a bee-line for a certain products knowing that I’m investing in a good product which I’ll know how to use correctly.

With that in mind, I have accumulated lots of new beauty products and I’m gradually learning what colours and shades suits my skin tone. It is trial and error but YouTube tutorials help to get things right quicker.

When I was asked if I’d like a copy of Jemma Kidd’s new book, I was like YES PLEASE! The new book is called Make Up Secrets and it is divided in to two parts. Part one is called Making Make Up Work For You and Part two is The Problem Solver. As you can see from the photos I have taken, there are some tutorials and advice. I’ve been referring to this when I do my make up this week (also wishing I looked like the girls in the book!)

This is a great book for someone who, like me, don’t know much about make up. It retails for £25.00 (might make a good Christmas present for someone who is into beauty). Every page is filled with useful information such as how to get and maintain healthy skin and how to apply make up in a way that would suit your skin tone, face, lip and eye shape. I’m enjoying reading this, and there are lots of visuals to demonstrate a process. Here are some quick tips from the book:

Face: A good primer creates a smooth base to hold make up better. It gives a flawless and longer-lasting finish. Put make up on in good natural light and don’t use a magnifying mirror – “it will only make you depressed”
Cheeks: For a long lasting colour, use a creme blush and then apply a little powdered blush over the top to set it. Use a natural bristle blusher brush to apply powder blush on to a powdered base, blending it well for an even, velvety finish.
Eyes: When applying liquid liner, draw out the shape in pencil first before going over it with the liquid. Mascara should be replaced every few months because of the risk of build up of bacteria.
Lips: Never wear lipstick paler than your skin – it will make you look dead (Jemma’s words, not mine!!)
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13 thoughts on “Jemma Kidd Make Up Secrets | Book Review

  1. I'm such an amateur when it comes to make up, I really need to start looking at youtube clips or something for a bit of inspiration and for some extra tips. The books sounds interesting, and judging by the pics you posted, photo rich – always helpful!

  2. I am obsessed with this book. It's on my wish list. I have her first one and it's amazing, I really really want this one. Reading your post has made me want it more. The pictures look incredible!


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