Moustache Print T-Shirt from Hero&Cape

These were shot for the Hero&Cape website but I was allowed to keep it afterwards. I love this moustache print t-shirt so much, it goes with everything! My favourite way to wear it is with a black skirt and blazer, not forgetting my stripy snood from Primark when I venture outside. I haven’t been anywhere without my snood since I bought it! The best £4.00 I’ve ever spent!
My laptop battery has been playing up so have been stuck in the office this weekend working on the desktop. By working, I mean watching Gossip Girl on the computer. I’m starting from season one again because I haven’t been watching the last two series and I’ve forgotten what’s happened so I am starting from the beginning to try and catch up! I’m off out to do a bit of food shopping now! Today feels so rushed, sorry this post is so brief. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everyone!

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31 thoughts on “I Moustache You A Question

  1. The title of this post made me giggle. Your hair always looks fab. Super duper jealous! geat pictures and that t-shirt is so cute. My friend would love that! xx

  2. This top is so cute it looks great on you, i like it paired with just the leggings 🙂 I am doing the same with gossip girl started at season 1 and now on season 3 so addictive! xo

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