CONE OF SHAME! There’s nothing wrong with him, he’s just nibbled himself a bald patch (just the one isolated patch) so the vets have put one of these on him to stop the habit! This was last week so the cone has been taken off now and he’s been given pills for his hair to grow back quicker! There’s three photos of him in this week’s blog post, just to show you that he’s ok and back to his lively self! x

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22 thoughts on “Monday Cat Face #2

  1. Awww, I remember when my Gizmo – who looked a LOT like Oscar – nibbled away a load of hair on his chest, and my mum made him a little bib to stop him doing it. Can't believe he happily wore it, and went outside wearing it!! That cat had absolutely no shame!!

  2. Aww bless him! It's funny what habits they pick up. My dog went through a stage of licking his paw in the same spot! I kept having to tell him to stop or he'd make it sore 🙁


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