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This lovely top is from a brand called Lovestruck and although it’s a simple top in a pastel green colour, the collar and button stand are lined with lace. I wore this with my blazer (this one here). It was really hot inside when I was taking photos – I almost passed out! – so I didn’t want to wear my blazer until I got outside. 
After a few days away, I am now back in the countryside. I need to leave this place soon, the boredom is really getting to me! It’s affecting work because I’m not as motivated as I used to be. I haven’t been very productive these past few months, it’s probably nothing to do with being home and it’s most likely because I’m spending all my free time watching beauty tutorials and reading fashion blogs! I need to get out more! I was catching up with The Londoner’s blog last night and I’m green with envy of Rose’s amazing lifestyle! What’s everyone’s favourite blogs at the moment? I want to follow some new ones so let me know who your faves are! 🙂

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30 thoughts on “Green Chiffon Top

  1. I know exactly what you mean I read the Londoners blog too! I like reading (other than your blog of course 😉 ) TheStylePlaylist I love her style always great shoes. I really like the polkadot trim of this top your wearing. x

  2. You look so lovely! That top is gorgeous – looks like it's good quality too.
    I find that I can lose a whole day of productivity just through reading blogs and watching beauty videos! I've had to avoid doing so lately so I can get my college work done but I hate not leaving people nice responsive comments xoxo

  3. Wowzers you look stunning. I swear you get prettier by the blog post!
    And I know exactly what you mean, I can while away SO MUCH time getting lost in blogs


  4. wow such a cute top! I like how the collar is different. I agree if you're stuck in a place that doesn't motivate you, you should definitely move on!

  5. C'mon girl! Cheer up! In the countryside you probably have plenty of places to shoot. ^^ Something bucolic perhaps? Although, I know how it's to be stuck in a small town wanting to fly away.
    That top looks adorable on you. The collar is cute indeed.

    Well, I'm now really into the Aussie bloggers, Zanita specially. Love her photos.


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