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Wore this outfit to a meal out during the evening and it does look like a dress but it’s actually a top from Glamorous and a skater skirt from Topshop. The top has a cute lace and pearl collar and I’ll probably wear this top with skinny jeans next time, I think I’d feel more comfortable in jeans or leggings. I wish I hadn’t bought this Topshop skirt – it’s nothing special, plus, it was way overpriced, but I’m really drawn to black skirts that if I see one I like (or one that I think I like at the time), then I’ll buy it in an instant because black skirts go with everything and a girl can never have too many!

Have spent the past few days rushing around as I had booked appointments for similar times. The one I’m most glad to get out of the way is the dentist appointment, makes me so nervous! I can’t remember how I coped when I used to have a brace and visiting the dentist was a weekly routine. They made me answer a questionnaire stating what makes me anxious about visiting the dentist. I just wrote down “ALL OF IT!!!”

I’ve taken a few days off work this week but I have so many other stuff to do that I’m not really having time off at all. Is anyone else really annoyed that blogger admin interface has changed? I know we were given warnings that it would change soon! I find that it takes me twice as long to get things done, I’m clicking on buttons and realising it’s not where I need to be. It would be helpful if there was more words and less symbols then we’d know what things were and get things done quicker! I guess we all have to get used to it 🙁

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40 thoughts on “Lace and Pearl Peter Pan Collar

  1. Beautiful outfit!! And oh my goodness I hate visiting the dentist it's the worst thing ever. I absolutely hate it especially when they drill or clean your teeth with that hook >.<

  2. love the collar, so gorgeous and the neon nails yes yes yes !
    the dentist is just plain scary x

  3. Love this! I can't believe its a combo of a skirt and top! Looks like the perfect colour! I think this skirt is really nice 🙂 a bit more difficult with pairings compared to a black skirt but I'm sure you'll be able to pair it!!! xxx

  4. It totally looks like a dress and you look gorgeous! Your hair is getting so long now too. Also, I HATE THE DENTIST too and you're right I don't know how I coped when I had braces! I actually need to book an appointment :S thanks for the er…reminder haha!

  5. Even though it's not one piece, it definitely looks like one and it looks awesome 🙂 I really love your collar! Oh and that cross ring ofcourse 🙂 xo

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