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Danielle Christina is a fashion label that base their designs on sophistication and vintage inspirations. The clothes are designed, cut, and sewn in-house so they are offering bespoke pieces for high street prices (similar price points as Coast, Zara or Reiss). The designer at Daniella Christina has made this dinner dress for me and as I have learnt to design, pattern cut and sew garments in many years at college and university, I really appreciated the time and effort that has gone in to one piece like this beautiful dress. Although I enjoyed pattern cutting and sewing, I also found it very stressful – the final part of sewing (such as putting a zip in) frustrates me so much that I often rush it or give up! I don’t have the patience with it so I’m always in awe of someone who can do this day in day out. 
I think the model on the website is wearing the dress a million times better than me, she is more womanly and therefore suits the dress. I am in my late 20’s but due to my height and size, I feel like I can’t pull off “mature clothes” such as a dinner or cocktail dress as well as those who are the same age as me. I’m ok with that though, because it’s not like I wear clothes like this everyday, these outfits are for special one-off occassions! However, I’m already panicking a little bit about being a bridesmaid for a wedding next year, I’m really worried about trying to look comfortable and confident in a posh frock! Anyway, I have styled this Daniella Christina dress with a peter pan collar necklace and nipped it in with an elasticated clasp belt to make it more “me” πŸ™‚ The necklace is from the tempsec shop, it will be available on the website soon! – we have shot the new product photos, and I’m just working through them to get them online in the next fortnight! 
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34 thoughts on “Cocktail Dress

  1. Really pretty dress! and I totally sympathize with that. I took an art class freshman year of college where we had a sewing project and literally, my fingers were bleeding. It was a nightmarish thing. Haha.

    chΔ«sana blogger

  2. This dress is stunning, esp that collar! I prefer you in the dress more than the model…you are always so perfect πŸ™‚


  3. Sometimes I feel like I can't pull off more mature clothes either because I feel like I often look like a child. But you definitely can pull off this dress! You look very classy! I really like the cool mix of navy and black in the dress too.

  4. My word her designs and finished products are absolutely stunning. She pairs material and colour together so so so well! <3 xx

  5. I thought the necklace was part of the dress at first! You look lovely in this photo, the model is wearing it in a different style, so it just shows how versatile it is πŸ™‚
    I think your hair looks awesome here too!

  6. I've just clicked the link and I actually think you look far prettier/better in the dress than the model! Love how you've added the necklace too : )


    1. Thanks for your lovely comment! I usually reply to everyone on their own blog but i couldn't leave a comment on your blogposts. I tried but the "Post A Comment" link wouldnt work πŸ™ I did stop by your blog though and thank you very much for adding me to your blog list. Lots of love xxx

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