S'mores poptarts, american candy
S'mores poptarts, american candy
pretzels m&m's
pretzels m&m's
*S’Mores Pop Tarts (£4.40) and Pretzel M&M’s (£1.39) from www.cybercandy.co.uk
A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to the wonderfulness that is Cyber Candy! The UK based company that sells an array of American sweets (and more). Who knew you could get our holiday favourites in England! Cyber Candy sent these two products for me to try but I also recently made a big order for my pals at Hero&Cape who have been devouring their sweeties this week! They turned one at the end of July and to celebrate the launch of a new capsule range, I thought they deserved a treat or two! (or 13, to be precise!) As you can see from Hero&Cape’s candy blogpost, I re-purchased some Milka Oreo chocolate for them! I also treated myself to some Reese’s pieces! I don’t like actual peanut butter but I love peanut butter flavoured food! As a customer, I can confirm that the Cyber Candy service is just as brilliant as the products they offer! The team and Hero&Cape were delighted with their parcel and so am I!

The two products that the company sent me were S’mores Pop Tarts and Pretzel M&M’s. I’ve actually tried the S’more Pop Tarts before because my sister has bought them before and she made me some when I was feeling a bit poorly! We ate them with a big jar of Marshmallow Fluff to dip the crusts with! So, what are S’mores, I hear some of you asking? I was intrigued when I first heard it on American shows such as Sex And The City (when Aiden drags Carrie to the house he built in the countryside and promises to make her S’mores). It is traditionally a campfire treat and it’s basically melted chocolate and toasted marshmallow sandwiched together with crackers. I’ve made s’mores before – unfortunately in the oven and not around a campfire – and it can be really sickly, as you can imagine, but the Pop Tarts had the right amount of filling. I do find the edges really dry and I pick them off and leave them aside sometimes. I am like that with bread aswell, I get rid of the crust! The M&Ms were something that I have been recommended before, I knew about this product but never knew where to buy it outside of the States. The packaging states that they’re crunchy, salty and sweet. Somehow I expected them to be reeeaally salty, but of course, the balance of flavours were just right! Cyber Candy also stock other M&M flavours, there’s coconut, mint and also peanut butter ones. All sounds SO yummy, especially the PB ones!!!

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36 thoughts on “American Treats

  1. Definetly the best news I've heard all day! I have never tried pop tarts and I really want to so I'm definetly heading on over to see what they have!
    Cara x
    (Check out my giveaway)

  2. Its so funny how they just now seem everyday items to me since moving to the US. I'm not a huge fan of the pop tarts though – we brought special US Olympic ones and I find them too sweet for me!

  3. Yum! I'm in the US right now for 3 months, and am slowly going through yummy treats like these! I LOVE the smores poptarts, though for breakfast I find they can be a bit sickly. Nothing compared to the real thing which I have had over here already. People use any excuse to make a bonfire for smores! haha. I'm currently trying the cookie dough filled ones, not as good but I recommend if you like cookie dough!
    I have a feeling when I get back I'll be resorting to cybercandy to help combat my withdrawal symptoms, for anything I can't fit in my suitcase home 🙂 I like how they don't just cater for American candy needs, there's quite a few other countries too!

  4. Those Poptarts make me feel so nostalgic! I was introduced to S'mores when I was in NYC, they seemed to be quite fashionable as deconstructed desserts and my US friends were really shocked that I hadn't heard of them before. x

  5. Yummy!! I tried the pretzel M&Ms not so long ago and loved them! An American candy store has just opened up in my local town, I could seriously spend my entire salary in there! xx

  6. Oh wow! I've only ever had pop tarts once and I had a serious sugar crash afterwards! M&Ms though.. how yummy! I've noticed marshmallow fluff in the supermarket recently. I've resisted so far though!

  7. My son – ahem, ok, I love popping to Cyber Candy every now and again as they have coconut Twix and m&m and also peanut butter Twix! Can't go too often though – for the obvious reasons 😉 xo

  8. I've been eating pretzel M&ms so much while I've been living here. Also, the PB ones are my favourite! Good to know I can get my US candy fix when I come back to the UK!

    Charlotte x

  9. I love Pop Tarts, I'm not a fan of the edges either, usually give them to the dog or something :') The M&M's sounds amazing though, I love pretzels ^_^ now stop trying to make me spend all my money on food woman!

  10. Definitely give one more try to Impassioned, it's gorgeous and I'm pretty sure you could make it work for you ! … I actually bought 2 new MAC lippies since I posted this (damn MAC shops everywhere!!!!!) I'm gonna need to update =)

    xxx Vee

  11. I popped to the Covent Garden store a few weeks ago and was pleasently surprised at just how much variety they have to choose from! I got the Oreo meets Milka bar (LUSH). Wasn't too keen on the M&M Pretzels, but the Grape Fanta was amazing!

  12. LOVE pop tarts! i was in america recently and they were only like $2.50 for a packet of 8! that's like £1.75, i should have bought loads haha! x

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