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Primark Haul | Loungewear

This is my first “haul” and it just had to be a Primark one! I bought lots of other bits and bobs such as hair bands, hair bobbles, several pairs of socks and slippers! After realising that I haven’t bought new loungewear in ages, I decided to treat myself last month. 
Out with the old, in with the new! I was having a bad time with some personal issues in June (I’m 100% ok now!) so I felt like buying some new comfy clothes to wear around the house whilst moping and plonking myself in front of the tv eating crisps and ice cream until July rolled around! 
Primark PJ set, Bunny PJs
Primark T-Shirts

I bought the cutest fleece cat poncho/cape and it has been too humid to wear lately but it’s really snuggly! To be honest, snuggly or not, I would’ve bought it regardless! Just look at the little kitty face on the hood!!! It’s so cute! It was £8.00 and it comes in the one adult size. I also purchased some t-shirts were all £3.00 – I bought four and the owl is my favourite so far! 
I was in two minds about the bunny PJ’s! They came separately and I can’t remember how much the bottoms were, but the vest was £6.00. I love bunnies and I wanted a PJ set that matched so I bought the two to go together but the bunny print pattern on the bottoms extremely similar to Fifi Lapin – which is really naughty and it makes me feel guilty for buying it.

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46 thoughts on “Primark Haul | Loungewear

  1. Cute kitty and bunny attire!! I may have to pop in, though it's quite a chore finding items and then joining a never ending queue! 🙂

  2. Adorable lounge-wear! I love the bunny print – it has definitely been 'inspired' (haha) by Fifi Lapin, but you can't really complain with Primark prices 😀 xo

  3. Hurray for cute loungewear! I've not been to Primark in ages. I used to go in quite often when it first opened up in my city. I've avoided in 3 months and my wardrobe is not as full anymore!

  4. These all look so cute and comfy! The fleecy cat, with pom poms! Whenever I go to Primark I always stock up on hair bands, clips and socks, so cheap and cheery.xx

  5. You've picked up some lovely pieces Sarah, it's always nice to feel just as lovely when lounging around the house 🙂 There's a dinosaur onsie in the men's section I am just dying to own 🙂

  6. I bought those bunny bottoms the other day, for exactly the same reason! They remind me loads of fifi lapin, and they're super comfy which is a bonus. I love the owl t-shirt you bought, I may have to keep an eye out for it – so cute!


  7. Ahh I was also thinking the bottoms remind me of Fifi Lapin as well. So cute though. I might have to venture into my local Primark in search of them.
    Glad you're feeling better now. Always nice to treat yourself 🙂 xxx

  8. Ahh, this all looks so comfy and cosy, perfect for snuggling up on the sofa with a big cup of tea!
    Lounge wear is something I always seem to neglect when shopping, probably due to the fact that I am just so greedy when it comes to other clothes and I figure that I will wear them out, whereas no one will really see me in lounge wear. But whenever I see what people have bought, it makes me really want to go out and buy some for slouchy evenings in!
    Mel x

  9. Cute buys! The cat cape is adorable and I love the bunny prints, even though they are blatantly inspired by Fifi Lapin. I really need to get some nicer lounge wear! x

  10. I always feel guilty about buying copies of stuff too, but these PJs are so cute, how could you resist? And WOW about that poncho, it's so random yet so adorable xxx

  11. wow, primark have really outdone themselves here! i love all this stuff, i can't believe it's primark! love the fifi lapin-esque pj's xx

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