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One of the things I love when I am on holiday is trying different flavoured snacks, sweets, chocolates and other confectionary. I go mad for it and I’m sure a lot of you are exactly the same too! Especially when I’m in Hong Kong where I’m drawn by the packaging if not anything else! It’s always really cool to discover sweets from a brand that you recognise but isn’t stocked in the UK, such as strawberry flavoured Kit Kat (it’s pink!) and blueberry & hazelnut Pringles. I love crazy flavours, the weirder the better! Like many of you, I am crazy about a shop called Cyber Candy and it’s awesome that they stock the very products we’ve had a taste of! There’s a huge range of American sweets and confectionary from afar. I think you’ll agree with me that it’s an amazing shop! They even have a blog which you can read here.
Cyber Candy sent me a Milka Oreo chocolate bar to try and as you can imagine, it’s every chocolaholic’s dream combination! It sounds like the guys at Cyber Candy put a massive effort in trying to stock this product to sell in England and I am so glad they succeeded! You will instantly recognise Milka’s trademark purple packaging, but the Oreo shown in the corner excites me to no end! (Excites me more than 50 Shades of Grey ever will – Just sayin’!). It’s such a brilliant collaboration by two big brands. The filling is Oreo cream and chunks of biscuits covered in smooth Milka Alpine chocolate chocolate. The smell of cookies and cream is so good and I completely recommend it if you have a sweet tooth! You can purchase it here and it retails at ÂŁ1.45 for a 100g bar which is a bargain for an import! Or if you live near one of their stores in London, Brighton and Birmingham, pop in and stock up! ÂŁ1.45 for a party in your mouth!!!! 
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44 thoughts on “Milka And Oreo Chocolate | From Cyber Candy

  1. ahhhh *shudders* I've had this before (can't remember where) and it was so delicious. I love going on holiday and finding different flavours, Lays do an amazing chilli and lime flavour crisps, wish they'd do it over here. I remember Seabrooks crisps did a wasabi flavoured one, but I've not seen them since! 🙁 xx

  2. They sent me a bar but I have not had the chance to try it yet, your pictures though make me think I'm going to have to do so tonight!

  3. Yummy Yummy!!! my favourite chocolate and favourite cookie – I'm in heaven!

    I love Milka Caramel (bought two bars today in fact as there is only one supermarket in Bedford who sell it!)

  4. My sister got some for me when she was in Austria and it's so tasty and brilliant. You've made me want to order 20 bars now!

  5. That looks absolutely amazing! I love food products from abroad, having a browse through CyberCandy is making me want to spend lots…they have Cherry Dr.Pepper! 😮 Although I'm not sure about the blueberry and hazelnut Pringles…! x

  6. I tried that chocolate recently when I was on holiday, and I agree – it was amazing! One of my best things about travelling is seeing the different foods in the supermarkets, haha, sad I know! 🙂

  7. Why did you show me this? Now I instanly neeeeed it!!! I love milka, it's my favourite chocolate full stop and this looks delightful. I went to Prague a couple of years ago and they had tons of flavours there, so naturally I bought about 11 bars and brought them all back with me. I think that's the only thing I actually bought! (: xx

  8. Hmm sounds truly delish!
    I have a secret treat of an oreo milkshake and boy
    it is a cure for any miserable moments!
    definitely recommend you try it!

    bb, xoxo

    p.s. where do you host your images before you upload?

  9. ack i really want to make a cybercandy order, its been far too long! i'm obsessed with milka, i can hardly ever buy it though because i will just eat the whole pack haha. oreo milka sounds immense xx

  10. Oh wow, this looks AMAZING!

    I completely agree with you about finding different versions of favourite chocolate bars, it's such a thrill. Have you tried the Strawberry Aero? I found some lurking in a local newsagent, it's Hungarian!

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