Bodhi Bath and Shower Assemblage Gift Set* RRP £40.00 from CutECOsmetics

“bodhi skincare is inspired by traditional botanical remedies and contains select ingredients which are ethically sourced from sustainable origins. The Assemblage set is the perfect gift for someone special or for you own self-indulgence”

Here is another review for a cruelty free, natural and plant based product. This time it’s the Bodhi Bath and Shower Assemblage gift set from CutECOsmetics which contains seven miniature bottles of their bestsellers. They are perfect for travel, the gym or to use when you’ve had a stressful day. The indulgent and luxury bath set comes in a sturdy and beautiful two tone brown box with a grey paper sleeve branded “bodhi”. It immediately feels premium and it does the trick of building the excitement of wanting to discover what’s inside the gift box. The contents are wrapped beautifully with brown tissue paper and the products are nested on chocolate brown shredding which makes a great contrast because the design of the bottles are really colourful and it makes a visual “pop” against the black and brown paper.
I usually prefer sweet and fruity smells but I am not all that fussy when it comes to bath products, I love trying everything and anything and have been trying them all for over a month now. Bodhi products are inspired by botanical remedies “as an anecdote to the stresses of modern life”. Award-winning brand Bodhi do not test on animals, but on humans, and their products are free from paraben, animal ingredients, synthetic polymers, palm oil, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours and other harmful chemicals such as sulphates and phthalates. Each seven 50ml bottles in the box are all different smells and each ones is specifically designed and formulated to do certain things which is what’s so great about this gift set, it gives you the chance to pick and choose which one is most suitable depending on the time of day, what you’ve gone through during the day, how you’re feeling and how you want to feel. The bottles are packed with essential oils and a little goes a long way so the small bottles do seem to last long than you expect. In fact, I would probably advise not to put too much into your bath or when you’re showering, because the aroma therapeutic smells and oils are so intense. You can purchase each one individually in a range of difference sizes, but here’s a brief description of each of the ones I’ve tried:
– Jasmine Falls contains lavender and anti-oxidant red mandarin extract to relax the mind and body. This was the first one that I used, it was the most familiar smell and I couldn’t wait to put some in my bubble bath. 
– Rosemary Chi includes a mix of rosemary, geranium, petigrain and cedarwood oils. This mixture is suppose to revive you. I don’t like plants in real life (I have an irrational fear of them!) so this bottle freaks me out a little bit. When I’ve finished being stupid and childish with my idiotic fear, I do like this smell. It’s not something I wouldn’t pick it out myself if I was to buy a new shower gel, but I’m glad this is in the set because I like trying different products.
– Palmarosa Verde is a purifying formula for when you are feeling sluggish and want a shower wash to freshen you up at the beginning of the day. It’s an uplifting and awakening smell.
– Ylang Ylang Incensa is a sensual fragrance with oriental fusion of ylang ylang, honeysuckle, pink peppercorn and patchouli
– Pep Noir consists of black pepper and white thyme. This is a very strong scent formulated to literally brighten your day with the energising oils! It isn’t my favourite smell from the lot, it smells quite masculine, like old spice. The smell doesn’t linger though, and it’s nice to use in the shower for that “pick me up” factor
– Galangal Spice is a vitalising shower gel. It does smell very medicinal, but this may be my new favourite because it’s got a lot of great properties to it! It contains ginger-like roots of Galanga and Kaffir Lime Leaf which are warming and stimulating. It also has anti-septic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. This formula can help ease depression, anxiety and fatigue. I will be using this a lot more to see if this is true. 
– Mint Thé is the most refreshing scent as you can imagine. It’s suppose to revitalise you after sports, the gym, and when you want a nice and fresh morning shower. It’s a luxurious cleanser for your body and it is suitable for dull and oily skin. It is nourishing. The fusion of peppermint, spearmint and Eucalyptus dispels exhaustation and boost circulation.
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9 thoughts on “Bodhi Bath & Shower Assemblage

  1. I love Bodhi my current favourite is Mint The followed by Palmarosa Verde. They always brighten up my day with the amazing aromas and gentle on skin 🙂

  2. oh my goodness, this looks so fudging yummy! i love the look of that website as well everything is cruelty free! <3

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