Pleated Chiffon Dress* from Glamorous / Jewellery T:S / Nail Polish Risky Red from 17Cosmetics

I absolutely love pleats, and floaty fabrics, so I fell in love with the dress straight away! It is such a good fit, and perfect length for me. The pink colour is super gorgeous too! Unfortunately, I have only worn it twice until I clumsily spilt red nail varnish on it! I was in a rush over the weekend, and I wanted to top up my chipped nails with a fresh coat of red before I went out but the nail polish brush slipped out of my hand and landed on the skirt part! Of course, I rushed to dab it with water, and then again with nail polish remover, thinking it would miraculously wipe away and disappear, but it just made the stain 100 times worst! I’m so gutted about it and I rushed to the Glamorous website to see if there was anymore in stock so I could make a quick purchase and have this dress in my life again! I was not in luck, as the dress has sold out. It does come in red but I do prefer it in the pink. I can’t believe how clumsy I was though! Does anyone have any magical advice as to how I can remove the stain out of my dress? The big red patch currently looks like blood! 🙁
There’s not long until voting closes for the Cosmo Blog Awards, so I just want to give it a final push. If you have a spare moment, and if you like what I do on this blog, then I would love for you to nominate me at the Cosmopolitan Voting page! I would be eternally grateful! x
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53 thoughts on “Pink Pleated Chiffon Dress

  1. This dress is so pretty, that's such a shame about the nail polish incident. I'm not much of a domestic goddess but I'm sure the internet might have some wisdom as to how to get it out! x

  2. Such a beautiful dress, it's very 'you' and looks lovely with your ring! So gutted to hear about the nail varnish situation though, have you tried hairspray and warm water? That seems to lift most stains from my experience! xx

  3. I love the peach colour of this dress. Often the pleat detail can make a girl look frumpy but the delicate chiffon material means this dress looks stunning! I also adore the bunny ring : )

  4. ooh i had my eye on this dress & i'm totally regretting not ordering it now. it looks fab on you! i always end up with nail polish on my clothes too 🙁 i use this spray called de-solv-it. it makes your clothes stink of lemons so you'll have to wash the dress twice but it has saved many of my clothes from going in the bin! xx

  5. Aw Sarah, you look so pretty in that dress! But you know, I am starting to believe there are very few things that you wouldn't look pretty in!! The ring is adorable too.

  6. awww, so adorable!! I love the color, pleats and dreamy look of the fabric! Also, I don't think I have ever seen such a cute little ring 🙂


  7. Oh this looks perfect on you but I'm at a loss to give you any pesky nail varnish stain remedies! Such a shame as it's gorgeous. Still, I reckon you could pull off the red version just as well, tbh you can make anything look awesome!


  8. Love this dress, it suits you so much. Such a shame, I am the world's worst person for ruining things.. If I don't spill something down it, I manage to ruin it in the washing machine! I don't know any tips for getting nail polish out of things but hopefully someone else will! xx

  9. That has to be one of the prettiest dresses I have seen in a long time! I hope you manage to get the stain out or get a replacement, I'm afraid I have no magic stain removing tips 🙁

  10. aww! such a lovely blush tone. How could that have happened. Kerosene, if you can find any is best the moment it happened before it's dry u soak that spot in a cap of it and then hand scrub with detergent. rinse and dry.

  11. This is a lovely dress! Such a shame about the nail polish, I have no idea how to get polish stains out i'm afraid, I still have a pair of jeans that has Models Own Beths Blue all over the ankle 🙁 they're wearable with boots though! xx

  12. Aw no you must be gutted at ruining such a pretty dress! I'm not sure if there'll be anything on there but I always used to visit a website called top tips for girls for advice on that type of thing, worth checking it out x

  13. Such a lovely dress! You suit dresses in all styles. I always wondered, where do you get your tights from? Is there a particular store that you prefer? I buy mines from all over the high street haha x

  14. Random I know but spray hairspray on it and rub it in with an old toothbrush… Don't spray it too close to fabric or rub to hard and then wash as normal. If you use a slight stain remover it should help at this point! 🙂

  15. love the colour of the dress shame about the nail varnish though! i had a nail varnish incident on my cream carpet not so long ago there is still a massive bright green stain lol no amount of cleaning products would remove it x

  16. You look gorgeous, this dress is absolutely beautiful – such ashame about the spillage! I'd scour Google if I was you – I bet theres some products and techniques out there to correct it! xxx

  17. Awww, you look so pretty (as always). I wish I knew a way to get nail polish out of clothing! 🙁 My future sister-in-law poured a bottle of red all over our cream material couch, I did some quick googling & managed to get it out using hairspray & nail polish remover! I doubt that would work on such delicate material though…*SIGH*

    The Style Rawr!

  18. Maybe a silly suggestion but will nail varnish remover work? Or will that just take all of the colour out? There must be some sort of miracle vanish product that might help! Try vinegar or bicarb, they're meant to solve everything haha! I have no firm answer though!

    I hope you save it, its such a lovely dress and really suits you!

    S xx

  19. This is such a beautiful dress! I spilt nail varnish on a chiffony top once and took it to the dry cleaners who sorted it out. xxx

  20. That dress looks great on you and I love your bunny ring! I would try searching google for ways to get that stain out. Fingers crossed for you 🙂 x

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