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Oscar wants to say HELLO! 
I am reunited with my beloved laptop and now I have the task of putting hundreds of gigabyte of work on to the external hard drive! Not a job that I am looking forward to because everything is all over the place and once it’s on the hard drive, I’ll be spending ages on tidying it up and organize things in to folders – but I have learnt my lesson… ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR WORK before technology fails you! I best get on with doing that before I do anything else! So sorry to everyone who is waiting for an email reply or blog post from me but I will definitely be in touch with you during the week! x
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35 thoughts on “Oscar Instagram Pics

  1. Your photos of Oscar always make me smile. I had a mini freak out when my computer got a virus last week and I realised that the last time I backed it up was about two years ago…x

  2. I think I just died of cuteness and went to kitty heaven!!! I especially love the one of Oscar in the Primark bag! πŸ˜€ x

  3. i am just letting you know in advance, and kinda a plea really. please don't report me to the police when i steal oscar, because i really don't want to go to prison for being a catnapper.x

  4. Glad to hear your laptop's back!
    Your cat is the cutest cat ever!! He's so chubby and his wee sad face is adorable. I'm not a fan of animals at all, so if I think your cat is cute, it means he's super cute!! But you know he is anyway hehe x

  5. Oscar is such a cutie! I love the Primark bag photo! I hope the backing up goes well, it is always so painful like you say – but so worthwhile! xxx

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