Sheer Skin Tint* from Liz Earle – RRP £21.00

When I heard that Liz Earle was launching a make up range, I was very excited because as I have said before, it is a brand that you can trust in. They believe in the finest ingredients to bring us the best quality products. I was very excited to try the Sheer Skin Tint (in beige) because I am in a bit of an experimental stage with high street and high end foundations and BB creams. I have always stuck to one foundation, which was the MAC Select SPF 15, but as my skin was going through changes with a new skin care routine, it was time to try something new. I have purchased a mixture of 6 different foundations and BB creams in the past 2 months and I had yet to find that perfect product for my skin. 
Sheer Skin Tint is what can be described as a tinted moisturiser, and the quality relates more closely to BB cream rather than a foundation. It’s a lot lighter than the BB creams I have tried and it does the job of evening out skintone, getting rid of red blotches, and giving your face a lovely healthy, dewy glow. When you squeeze it out of the tube, the product looks quite rich and heavy but it is such a light and silky consistency when applied on to the skin. As pictured above, I applied the Sheer Skin Tint with a foundation brush to roughly blend it into cheeks, chin and forehead and then I buff it in using the Real Techniques stippling brush. You can apply and blend with fingers, but I personally prefer to use brushes. Sheer Skin Tint contains SPF 15 and is such a long lasting moisturising formula that offers a light-medium coverage, and it promises to work on all skin types. It retails at £21.00 for a 40ml tube, it is available in 4 shades and can be bought from Liz Earle website. I highly recommend this product if you were seeking for something a bit lighter than foundation and I will definitely be repurchasing this time and time again – I don’t have much experience in foundation products but I have become a big fan of Liz Earle and I really like this product.
A small side note for those who are thinking of purchasing some Liz Earle products soon, they have a few offers on for July. The first offer is that the cleanser, toner and moisturiser can be purchased in a bundle for a special price of £41.00 and as an extra, you will receive a 200ml bottle shampoo and 50ml conditioner as a complementary gift! Plus free delivery! All orders over £60.00 will receive an exclusive summer bag worth £25! Temptations, temptations! 
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7 thoughts on “Liz Earle | Sheer Skin Tint Review

  1. Hey! I love skin tint too – it actually soothes my rosacean skin and clears up blemishes for me?! Must be all the herbal extracts! That may not be the case for everyone btw, but it works for me! Thanks for the heads up re July offers, Ive run out of everything apart from skin tonic (they always give you so much toner!!). S&c sounds great 🙂

  2. I use this but I'm really not overwhelmed, the colour is a good match and my skin does look healthier but I don't think it is worth it for £21, it does last ages though and I think I've had less breakouts than before because it is so light! xxxx

  3. I'm currently trialing three sample sachets of this and I completely agree with you- its a wonderful product! I'm going to be picking up a full size very soon. xx

  4. I absolutely love Liz Earle stuff, so much so, I did my dissertation bases on their brand! their skin tint didn't provide enough coverage for my personal preference which was a shame. love their hot cloth cleanser though, worth every penny!xx

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