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This week, I got my hands on a second-hand iphone just to use instagram! My user name on there is tempsec. As usual, I won’t be taking any personal photos so I will be posting the usual fashion, beauty products, jewellery and cat photos – nothing ground-breaking, just the regular girl stuff! I’ve already taken loads of photos of the cat, I just love him! Please tell me if I ever go overboard with cat photos, I can get a bit carried away sometimes! 

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70 thoughts on “Oscar The Bunny

  1. You can never go overboard with Oscar photos, he's so cute, I love seeing him! Really pleased to see you're back blogging 🙂 xxx

  2. never too many cat photos. everrrrrr. A hugely cute cat started following me on my way to work today, I was so worried that it was going to get lost and follow me right into the centre of town! Luckily we got to the edge of a busy road and he decided to stay put on the quiet side!

  3. I am questioning the possibility of going overboard with photos of such a cute cat! His face just makes me want to cuddle him.


  4. Oh what a gorgeous kitty! I'm the same, I just follow my kitty round. It's impossible for her to not be squealably adorable :')


  5. Oh Oscar is such a beauty! I love the keep calm and carry on ring! Definitely a moto we all should keep to 🙂 glad you're back and love your layout.



  6. Oscar is the cutest cat ever! He's like Boo the dog, only he's a cat. He deserves every pic 🙂
    Have a happy week lovely!

  7. I only found you on instagram the other day and omg I did not realise you owned the CUTEST cat in the world. He is amazingly adorable. I just want to squeeze him! haha. So cute. I've never seen a cat so cute?! xx

  8. awww…that is soooo duper cute!!! I love Oscar, keep posting pics of him,hehe…

    where did u get those bunny ears? so adorable! i've seen hair clips like that for kids over here in HK, they got rabbit, cat, or other kinds of animal ears…lol


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