Contents: Vanitas Versace eau de parfum, Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter, Revive Creme Lustre SPF 30, Lancome Teint Miracle, Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream
Most people have had a lot of opinions on Glossybox’s March edition, and there seems to be unhappy subscribers who perhaps see previews and spoilers of what the contents might be and then become dissatisfied upon receiving a different variation of the box. I have to admit that when I saw the Burberry lipstick in some of the previews, I thought it was one of those samples that would be in every box. I was initially disappointed to see I didn’t get one….BUT the disappointment lasted about 2 seconds because I just thought “It probably wouldn’t have suited me anyway” because it is difficult for me to find lipsticks that suit my skin-tone, and actually, I’m perfectly happy with the lipsticks I’ve already got anyway! My favourite at the moment is Crosswires and Lusterings from MAC, those are the two that I wear all the time, and if I ever wanted a new lipstick from Burberry, I’ll just buy one.
Personally, I am pleased with what I got in the Harrods Edition, I received 3 different types of lotions, foundation and perfume. If I had one complaint, it would be that the perfume is not to my taste but I still think it’s lovely packaging and something that I can pass on to someone else! Usually, even when something isn’t to my taste – such as lipgloss or face mask, I would try all the samples in the boxes and aim to use it all up. However, I am really picky with fragrance and some will make me nauseous, especially when I’m travelling, for some reason! I just prefer perfume to be quite sweet, fruity and girly. 
Glossybox’s latest collaboration is very clever marketing and they did well to hype it up. I really like it when they do special editions, such as the Christmas box and the Valentines special. I do think that the dissatisfaction of some customers are due to the different variation of boxes, and it would probably save them the hassle if all boxes were the same but as I always say; Variety is the spice of life! I still enjoy reading beauty box reviews, and it is interesting to see how people react to it each month.
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19 thoughts on “GlossyBox: Harrods Edition (March)

  1. I did really like my Glossybox, although I was quite sad I didn't get the lipstick. Initially when I saw this post, I was gutted I didn't get the foundation, but on reflection I find it incredibly hard to get a foundation that matches my skin and I'm happy with the ones I use! The Vanitas perfume looks amazing though, it's a shame you're not a fan of the scent as it's a really cute bottle. Yep, I'm shallow over packaging! xx

  2. I think the Harrods box is the best Glossybox I've seen, the only one which has tempted me to subscribe. I have been very happy with Joliebox/Boudoir Prive

  3. This looks like such a fab collection of things. I really like the idea of getting a surprise in the post each moth! I need to sign up for a box soon!

  4. I got a very similar box 🙂 Love the mini perfume, the bottle was so cute and the Bliss body butter smells amazing.

  5. I know what you mean about some fragrances making you feel nauseous during travelling- Clinque's Happy does that to me!

    My Glossybox is the same as yours and I'm pleased with it as I was going to cancel after a few months of disappointing boxes. Especially love the body butter and the Lancome x

  6. Oh great box! You got a Lancome foundation! It looks so cute in the wee glass bottle 🙂 Though does it match your skin? I'd be excited to get the foundation but would be disappointed if it didn't match my skin tone x

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