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Another little black dress to add to my collection – courtesy of Rare Fashion. The middle part of the dress is actually cut out but to make it wearable for the daytime, I’ve added a black vest which is why the “cut out” part is not so noticeable. I’ve gone for a brighter rainbow coloured nails as opposed to the pastel ones I’ve been wearing.

I just want to give Hello Cotton another shout out. I know some of you have joined since the last time I mentioned them, they are becoming a firm favourite with bloggers as it’s such a good source to find new blogs. I do go through all the blog posts via Hello Cotton, and I visit all the ones that are following me too.

I’m still on Bloglovin but I’ve lost my password so I can’t log in to follow new blogs. I can’t send a reminder to my email either because the email I was registered with has been hacked and hotmail blocked my account! I hate hotmail!! It was so spammy anyway, it was only a matter of time! So sad about it actually because I’ve had the email since I was 14 years old and I had loads of emails saved on that account, ones from my secondary school days and some from friends who had gone travelling and took time to send me their updates! Really quite mad about it actually! Anyway, here’s my Hello Cotton link, and here’s where you can find me on Bloglovin.

There hasn’t been an Oscar post for ages! Here’s a couple of pics to remind you what he looks like! x


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88 thoughts on “Broderie Anglaise Cut Out Dress

  1. You look sweet (your so tiny!) Your shoes are awesome they look really comfy actually! I hate hotmail too, my old-school email address was coconut_1000 lol what a kid!

    Jade x

  2. Loving the dress and the pretty but punchy nails, I've just painted mine with holographic glitter base and leopard print over the top. I need my disco kitty nails for my day in court tomorrow.

  3. That dress is adorable and that necklace is oh-so-amazing! <3
    Your cat is one cute dude! hehe


  4. Gorgeous dress! I love the contrast with the bright accessories and nails πŸ™‚ Oscar's such a cutie! Obviously thinking he can take a quick nap in that orange bag and that he'll be camouflaged enough for noone to notice heheh.


  5. Your jewellry always adds so much, and your nails too! I really like the pattern on the dress, do you know if they do it in a cream/white colour? (: Oscar is too cute in the little sainsbury's bag!

  6. Another lovely dress! You can never have too many black dresses. The bunny and carrot nails look so cute – I wish I had a steady enough hand for nail art!

    I'm already following you on Blog Lovin' but recently started using Hello Cotton too, so following you on there now as well.


  7. Loving that huge turquoisey ring lady! Possibly nearly as much as the cat! Oh got my Unicorn necklace from you, its yum! I'm wearing it now and maybe forever! xxx
    Bea @ xxx

  8. Your shoes makes me think of mine. They are absolutely gorgious, I'm a big fan of the color πŸ™‚
    And this dress is amazing, i love it all, shape, color, patterns πŸ™‚

    just great


  9. Really cute dress! I really need to get on Hello Cotton. It's on my to do list. Oscar is so cute – is that a plastic bag he's sitting in? My housemate's cat loves plastic bags πŸ™‚ xx

  10. The dress is so lovely! I don't think I'd wear it without something underneath, though, like you have here. Your nails are so fun, haha.

  11. Hello Oscar! I signed up for hellocotton today, haven't played around with it much yet but I like the layout of it a lot more than Bloglovin'. Anyway that is a lovely dress and I love your rainbow nails! I hope you do the bunny and carrot nails πŸ™‚

  12. Wow I love your style. I love wearing black,and adding colour with cool unique accessories, and this is so cool and gorgeous,and I love your colourful nails,so cute.
    Glad I stumbled across your fab blog.Following x

    Hope your having a wonderful day x

  13. Love your dress and your nails! I think the time is now for the bright coloured nails.

    Thanks for leaving a comment over on my blog – hope you can continue to follow me?

  14. I'm kind of in love with your multicolored nails. They remind me of when I was little and painted my nails all sorts of colors, but much classier! I might have to try it some time!
    Cute cutout dress too!

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