My skin hasn’t been the best condition at the moment, there are typically good days and bad days. I think it’s due to the skin care products I’m currently using that makes it more oily than it actually is or perhaps it is the lack of water I drink. Like most women, though, I hide blemishes with make up – sometimes that only makes it worst! I’ve had to wear foundation a lot more these days. As I mentioned before, La Base Primer from Lancome is a huge help as it makes skin looks smooth and prepares it well for a flawless make up application. 
I have been using Lancome skincare products for years now, about 12-13 years or so. It just doesn’t work for my skin anymore and I am now trying out a few other brands including Clinique, Decleor, Elemis and Liz Earle. I always thought that as long as the product is expensive, it was guaranteed to work! I’ve come to realise that this is not correct! Having read the reviews on blogs and in magazines, I recently tried Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish. Out of the products I have recently tried, it has been the best for my skin. I was keen to try this and I am now considering changing from Lancome to Liz Earle skincare products. Another brand that I love is Dermalogica – the exfoliator and mask (pictured above) are samples from a previous GlossyBox. I know everyone’s skin is different but if you have any recommendations, please feel free to let me know! I was wondering if you all stick to one brand for all your skincare products, or do you mix and match? 

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44 thoughts on “Skincare Products

  1. I rarely spend a lot on skincare. I tried Clinique and Biotherma before but they never did anything extraordinary compare to cheaper moisturisers I've tried. I'm currently using an Olay moisturiser which cost about £5 and works great! I like the Simple skin care range too.

    I've heard many times you need to research the ingredients list on your products but it's so boring an tedious haha. I like to refer to as he does great reviews on what really works for your skin depending on the ingredients in the products 🙂

  2. I also have oily skin, I tend to use mainly liz earle, but also The Body Shop, Good Things and Decleor. I treat my oily skin as sensitive and that works fairly well for me

  3. I just recently visited a clinique counter where the lady was so helpful (despite my concerns before that they would be a bit snooty) and she supplied me with a 7 day foundation sample as well as the a mini pack 3 step skincare routine and a very healthy moisture surge sample. Havn't tested the skincare yet due to trying something else at the moment and not wanting to be confused as to which worked its magic but hopefully in the next while I will do a post on it. I am currently using a Proactiv cleanser (Glossybox sample) and finding it really great. Not to keen on the whole telesales approach but I hear Boots may be in the line up for stocking it soon!

  4. I am a big Lancome fan. Their products are very good for my skin. My favourite is their Bi-Facil eye make-up remover that I use all the time. But I got an alternative in my Joliebox this month-TAAJ micellar water.

  5. I'm such a big lover of Clinique as I find it's pretty reasonably priced.. I'd love to try out the Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish but seemed a bit too expensive incase it didn't work…
    I love reading these types of posts because I'm an obsessive with Skincare products!
    I could recommend Neutrogena Grapefruit Cleansing Wash ( I think that's what it's called) as it's totally amazing! It's also pretty cheap!
    Ceri x

  6. I love liz earle's cleanse and plush. I recently tried a soap and glory version that I read was a feast dupe but it left my skin tight and covered in dry patches. X

  7. My skin hasn't been in a very good condition either. Since I moved to Malaysia from Australia, my skin has developed little bumps that I can't seem to get rid of no matter what products I use. Think the weather and external factors as well as stress and everything else really affected my skin in a bad way.

    I mix and match and I try to switch out products every year, hopefully I can discover something that work for my skin soon. Good luck to you too.


  8. I think it's true what they say about your skin getting 'used to' certain products, so I think it's good to mix it up now and then. That said, I really love Clarins, and have yet to find anything from the range that I don't love!

  9. I completely understand what you mean – I'm 23 and my skin is worse now then it was when I was a teenager. It's not even actual spots – just angry red marks on my cheeks and jaw. Just keep trying different things until something works. My skin actually improved a bit this week when I started eating more salad. Then it got bad when I ran out of it. Gonna have to run to the shop and continue my experiment. Good luck! 🙂

  10. I used to have perfect skin, then I got carried away and ended up with a proper skincare regime (emphasis on regime!!) that ruined my face! I would use vitamin c, retinol, AHAs, BHAs, mandelic acid..the list goes on!! Anyway, while trying to fix a problem that didn't exist, I ruined my skin! I now have massively sensitive skin (rosacea etc).
    Anyway, point to my rant is less is definitely more! I now only use cleanser, toner and moisturiser (all Liz Earle) and I haven't had any rosacea or irritation etc for months. Liz Earle has seriously saved my skin! Maybe start using that exclusively? And stay away from all the skincare hypes that ruined my skin!
    Tali 🙂

  11. Isn't it overwhelming to figure out what to try next? There are so many options – I've been at a standstill, which has not helped my skin at all! I've been using Clarins gentle foaming cleanser and SPF 15 moisture for the last few weeks and really like it. But I finally had a facial the other day and got to vent about skin problems for a bit. It was nice and my face felt great afterward! Not that facials are miracle workers or anything but it was nice to get a deep clean. Even though I just want to find one product line and stick with it, I was told that what works now might not work for me in 4 months. I hated hearing that! But now you have me curious about Liz Earle, so I'm going to research that. 🙂

  12. Wow that's quite a collection of skincare products lol !

    I have always been quite lucky with my skin but decided to take better care of it – water really does make a difference- I'm doing a post on a special skincare trick I learnt a while ago so I'll send you the link on Twitter when it's up!


  13. I would quite like to try lancome skincare products, i'm currently using liz earle cleanse and polish (nearly finished!) I tend to stick to the same brand in cleanser, toner and moisturiser and then I will move onto another brand just to try something new! i'm kinda boring really…

    Ginger Pickle ♥


  14. I try to explore different brands, but I definitely have my favorites- Dermalogica & Origins are probably at the top of my list. I also used to think that the more expensive products were more effective, which is ironic, since now I've found so many skin care goodies at the drug store! When my skin is really acting up, I stick to using Cetaphil cleanser & moisturizer. And I am dying to try Liz Earle since everything I read about the products is positive!

  15. I've heard really good things about Liz Earle, been wanting to try it for a while now. I usually mix and match my products, I really like The Body Shops organic toner, have bought that three times now. x

  16. I'm having skincare issues at the moment too – I feel like my skin is stuck between needing "teen" products to control oilyness but isn't yet ready for richer anti-aging products.
    I'm currently using Avene products which are really gentle but have been doing a good job at preventing breakouts. x

  17. I never actually had chance to try out Lancome products, but I'm liking Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser. I had also bought clarsonic and so far it's has made my skin very smooth, but I'm at the stage of breaking out atm. x

  18. Def try Liz Earle – it seriously saved my face! Their customer service is really good, you could always try contacting them direct to see if they have any advice about what products of theirs to use etc – I know they're generous with their samples too 😉 i want that Givenchy highlighter so bad!! Just to stare at cos it's pretty…

  19. I always have massive breakouts and never learn my lesson. I'm constantly swapping and changing and trying new things! A while ago I spent over £30 on The Doctor Brand 3 step acne program thing and it did nothing, in fact made my spots worse. I think they're mainly hormonal though because that was around the time I got my contraceptive implant. It's cleared up a LOT now but I don't ever think theres a permanent fix. More recently I got the benefit b.right intro kit and my spots have reduced even though it doesn't claim to spot fight in any way at all! I also noticed since using soap and glory face clarity soap stuff they've cleared up! The other day I got L'occitane red rice starter kit and thats also so far so good. I would recommend all 3 of those things I just mentioned. But stear clear of superdrug vitamin e hot cloth cleanser, I thought it was great at first but slowly started to get greasy and make me break out and also clinique dramatically different is really bad for my skin. x

  20. When I was younger I suffered from quite bad acne, which sucked. Nothing sorted it out apart from prescription meds from the doctor.
    Luckily now I'm in my twenties, it has faded but I am left with dreaded acne scars.

    Last year I bought the whole Clinique anti blemish range. It seemed to rid me of breakouts but it made my skin SUPER dry because of all the harsh chemicals in it. However, the Clinique anti blemish face mask is amazing and I still use that.

    From Clinique I switched to Dermologica and this has worked so much better on my skin. I don't find it as harsh as Clinique. Although everyone's skin is different and reacts in many ways. Some of my friends adore Clinique products but sadly it isn't for me!


  21. nice review! im trying to "try" some anti wrinckel creams, but not quite sure what to try, im after some clinique creams for that, but need more revies or more research about this, another option im thinking is nivea, its a cheap one of course, but as you said, the price is not a guarantee! and i've seen that nivea has been the best for other treatments, better than cliniques, helena rubenstien and some other like that! saw it in a focus group and i think is enough proof…

    anyways, if you know any sites or blog with reviews about anti wrinkles (for eyes) let me know, please 🙂

  22. I'm tempted to try Clinique but I've been told it can be quite harsh on the skin. I was actually planning on using the anti redness products they have – do you know if they do samples in store?
    Glad you got on with the Liz Earle! I'm gutted that it didn't work for me


  23. I would recommend Clarsonic, as it's making my skin look a lot brighter. But for the first few weeks you will break out, as the clarsonic is removing any bad thinks which were under your skin. x

  24. I Never had much problems with my skin, I've been lucky enough to never have acne or spots (I must have had 5 in my whole life). My skin is just dry and I use a daily and night moisturizer, an eye cream and I sometimes exfoliate. I don't like to spend a lot of money on skincare since I don't have that many problems, and my favourite skincare product is my Simple night cream ! I'm almost out of it and I'm definitely gonna re purchase ! I'm also gonna do a review about it soon =)

    Anyway … I know this didn't help you much :p sorry !!

    xxx Vee

  25. Origins has saved my skin. Their exfoiliators are brilliant and I use their cleansing face mask regularly. Lulus Timebomb is a great night cream as it absorbs straight away. Soap & Glory have the best cleansers, my face always looks lovely and glowy after use.

  26. Try the Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser :)And the Boots own brand Witch Hazel Gel (£1.99) is pretty much a generous helping of the same active ingredient found in most high end brands, especially Clinique's (No.3 for oily skin) Step 2 toner (and suspiciously even smells exactly the same as it, too). La Roche Posay also has a good range for oily skin, especially oily sensitive skin.

  27. Liz earle, origins, decleor are my current faves! Although Ive recently tried REN and evolve which are lesser known but great products! I need to stock up on some more cleanse and polish! x

  28. In my teenage years I tried all sorts of skin care and in my later teens I got on the 'expensive so it MUST work' bandwagon. I went over to using Simple products which I stuck with for ages, but I realised recently that actually they're not working that well and I was just too lazy to try out something new.

    As per Twitter, I've recently started using the new No 7 Beautiful Skin range, my skin has never felt cleaner and better looked after, and they do a full range of products based on your skin type as well as little starter kits for £5. I'm trying to exercise some serious patience and not purchase any more products until the £5 off No 7 come back around, because I have some old bits to use up and I'll kick myself if I pay full price unnecessarily (I'm a cheapskate….)

  29. Just because somethings expensive doesnt guarantee it to work. I had terrible acne and found that using the simple skincare range & sudocreme has dramtically improved my skin. Its some of the cheapest on the market too! Very budget friendly!


  30. My skin used to be terrible in my teens, I used to use make up wipes to take my makeup off and I guess they didn't remove it all my made my skin terrible. I tried LE C+P but it made my skin the worst it has ever been, like TERRIBLE. I switched back to the no7 hot cloth cleanser and no7 for men (I know) face wash and I love them so much. I used e45 for a moisturiser and my skin has never been as nice before. I don't know whether this is connected, but I have given up sweets and chocolate bars for lent and my skin has got even better! I now only get hormonal blemishes and the odd random one.(I have oily skin for reference!). I hope you get it sorted, I know how much it can affect your confidence levels xxx

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