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Gold Collar Tips: ebay

The gold collar tips are from eBay, just search for collar tips and loads of different ones will come up with prices ranging from 99p – £7. I also bought some silver ones which I’ve put on my denim shirt. Collar tip shirts are fashionable at the moment and there are some lovely ones from Zara. However, The white shirt I’m wearing here is an old one from Topshop and all I’ve done is added the detachable collar tips.

A little bit of an update on something we’ve been working on. This has all happened very quickly – and I like to be kept on my toes – but I am now a guest blogger for a fashion brand called Fashion Union. Fashion Union are a clothing and accessories brand, and they have just launched a new blog called The Edit. The layout is clean and sleek, easy to navigate.  I will be blogging for them once a month during Spring. You can read my introduction here or click image below. My first blog post will be up in a few days!

Fashion Union Official Blog
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94 thoughts on “Gold Collar Tips

  1. I love the collar tips. I almost bought a pair from Regal Rose last week but they where £14 and that felt a bit too expensive. But e-bay sounds like a good shout 🙂 xx

  2. Well done about Fashion Union! I'm very proud 🙂

    Also, LOVE metal collar tips, I really need to get a bit more DIY with my clothes and add studs etc from ebay xx

  3. Your collar tips are so cute! I'm going to buy some now, I've always wanted some but didn't know were to look and ebay is the perfect solution (why didn't I think of that!?)

    RE: My blog comment: I took that photo for a similar reason, as all the games piled up reminded me of my childhood too! I should have renamed the post Nostalgia actually come to think of it. How cool where games though! Loved being a kid, ah the days…

    Jade x

  4. I adore those collar tips! They are perfect for adding a little something extra to your look. Super cute skirt and belt too! Congrats on becoming a blogger for Fashion Union, I will definitely check that out! xx

  5. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to your posts, another place to see you blog hehe 🙂
    This shirt is exactly the reason I keep EVERYTHING. Even if it's in the attic I know at some point I can restyle or change it into something wearable! xx

  6. LOVE the shirt Sarah it looks fab with the the gold tips! Thanks for the tip on wear to find them too, definitely going to get on Ebay! xx

  7. I love the collar tips but am yet to wear them! I have loads of old school shirts that are still in my mums wardrobe somewhere, might fish them out! xx

    Also thats for your reply on my blog – I hadn't thought of it that way! I've introduced the idea to my boyfriend who also works with home with the occasional trip to the studio to take photos, otherwise he's in editing all day with zero structure! I'm gonna take it as a tip when I'm at home revising too, definitely!

  8. Congrats on the new blogging job 🙂 That skirt is to die for – so pretty, I've been looking for a similar skirt for a while. Not that I need anymore skirts… x

  9. Eeep you look gorgeous in these photos Sarah (: love the gold collar tips with black based floral, I can imagine the silver tips look amazing against a denim shirt! Congrats on the new guest blogger spot as well! xx

  10. you look beautiful! love your hair, it's gorgeous.
    congratulations on your new guest blogger spot! every time i come on to your blog i feel like you've landed some fantastic new opportunity, it's really great, well done – you totally deserve it.
    definitely going to check out ebay for some collar tips, thanks for sharing that idea xxxx

  11. I think your shirt definitely qualifies as personal vintage – I love finding pieces like that in my wardrobe, it's so fun to think back and see how far your style has come 🙂 I absolutely love your collar tips, and your floral skirt is just darling!

  12. I love these tips! I never would have guessed that they were added on if you hadn't of said! 🙂 I am not a bit fan of tight shirts as I feel it makes me look manly but i do love the look of them tucked in 🙂
    X x x

  13. love those collar tips! i really must buy some soon. congrats on the guest blogger position! theres some lovely clothes on that site so i look forward to seeing your posts 🙂 xx

  14. Lovely outfit. I really like the addition of the colour tips on the plain white shirt! And thank you for introducing it to me, I am definitely looking it up!!


  15. Oh gosh! I adore how such a simple little detail can completely chic up your outfit! Thank you ever so much for the ebay tip ahha! 99p!! :O Oh wow!! Your fams coming to hk!! Are you originally from Hong kong?? If you're ever in town ring me up hun! we can go grab a latte somewhere! 🙂 p.s congrats on ur guest blogging gig! its so fab! <3 <3


  16. I love that skirt and I can't believe you still fit into a blouse from 15yrs ago, that's crazy! I certainly couldn't fit into my blouses from back then haha. Well done on the guest blogging gig too Sarah!

  17. So glad collar tips made a comeback – a friend gave me a vintage pair ages ago & I've been wanting more ever since! Silver on denim is a good idea, gold swings into rhinestone cowboy territory…

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