First day of February and I thought I’d blog about the latest edition of GlossyBox which is a Valentine’s Day special. I couldn’t resist this box, I did unsubscribed (had to sacrifice a few things in order to save up) but I would have subscribed again after seeing the review! GlossyBox sent me a complementary box to review. This GlossyBox is the January 2012 edition.

This special edition of GlossyBox is hot pink. As usual, there’s a few variations – I know some boxes will have Clarins samples – but mine contained Eyeko Eyeliner, Murad Primer, F.A.B body wash and Davine’s cleansing nectar and moisturising balm. I am pleased that there isn’t any perfume samples in the box, I am not a big fan of them. Amongst the samples, I’ve yet to try the cleansing nectar and moisurising balm. These are dual use so can be used on body or hair. I love that there’s make up in the box, and especially from a brand like Eyeko who have recently re-branded, but the shade of the eyeliner isn’t one I would go for or buy again. It is still nice to try something new, though! I will still try it and make the most of it, and who knows, maybe I will end up liking it… and I guess that’s the whole point of GlossyBox! I tried the Murad Skin Perfecting Primer straight away, it is light and dewy and I really like it and I will repurchase when the sample runs out. I didn’t expect it to be tinted but it’s not an overpowering colour, and it blends with my skin tone really well. It gives your skin a natural looking radiant glow and it is also nice alternative to high lighters/illuminators which can sometimes feel quite heavy and sticky. I have a few other primers in my make up bag, but I often use Benefit’s High Beam on my cheeks under foundation and powder blush, this is to make the colour of the blusher last longer throughout the day but it can sometimes feel too much, especially on a sunny day! I’m happy to have discovered Murad via Glossybox! Especially as it’s not widely available, I would never have known to try it.
I think it’s really nice that GlossyBox does these special edition boxes in a different colour to their usual pale pink (The December box was red). It is a nice touch, and the change makes people more intrigued about the contents of them. I even prefer the hot pink box to the usual mute pink. A great marketing idea! 

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27 thoughts on “GlossyBox: Valentine’s Day Edition

  1. Ooo I wish I was given thisglossybox instead, kinda disappoinnted with the Clarins. I don't tend to use different creams on my face apart from Liz Earle. But then Glossybox wouldn't have know this haha! I am excited to try out the primer!

  2. Great products in such a cute box!! I would love to subscribe to Glossybox but really need to save my money for moving out…but when I get my own place I'm definitely subscribing – I have great storage ideas for those boxes 😀 xx

  3. I was undecided on this box. I seem to get a moisturiser every time, they're coming out of my ears! But overall it's nice, I often give away bits and pieces from mine, and there are things in this box that my friends and family have benefited from!xx

  4. That neon pink glossy box is so awesomely pink! How lovely of them to send you a box even though you've unsubscribed. Everytime I see someone's post on the boxes I am tempted to sign up but I am resisting the temptation for now!

  5. Looks like a gorgeous box of goodies – I've always been undecided on wether or not to subscribe though, as I've heard such mixed reviews. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging though so it's only a matter of time…

  6. It all looks so pretty, I unsubbed but if they carry on with products like these then I may think about re-subbing, I like watching what they have in them for a few months to see if I would like the boxes 🙂

  7. Oh my, i have heard about the Glossybox from a few uk bloggers, it seems like a fab idea!!! Wonder if they send it to abroad?haha

    I love the pink box packaging, so pretty and perfect for valentines day! Love the nectar and moisurising balm, the design of the packaging is soo pretty!!!

    I have not heard of Eyeko or Murad but definitely see if HK has it. That Murad primer sounds like it works magic;)

    Hope you have a great weekend Sarah:D


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