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I don’t think I own a red dress, but I do now thanks to Pop Couture! I find it difficult to find a nice and suitable red dress. Thankfully, Pop Couture sent me this dress and I really like it but I have rolled the sleeves up as it was too long and flappy for me! It’s perfect for Chinese New Year for when it is traditional to wear red as the colour represents prosperity, luck and fortune (yeah, I totally just googled this! Gee, I should really know more about the culture my parents come from). Do you own any red dresses? This red one also comes in black and orange but I thought I’d may as well go for red as I already own far too many clothes that are black.

Chinese New Year is tomorrow and traditionally lasts 2 weeks; honouring something different each day of the holidays. Honestly, it is really bad how little I know, I haven’t really embraced it. Embarrassingly, I’m on wikipedia right now reading up on it. We’re not so traditional here in this household, you see. We don’t even go to see the dragon/lion dances anymore. Although, when I was little, the combination of loud drums, firecrackers and the dancing dragon used to scare me and make me scream, then I’d eventually cry hysterically!! I am still a big wimp! No surprises here but I’ll be lacking in Chinese New Year photos – I don’t think we have any plans – so I probably won’t be blogging about it, but I know Winnie from Diamond Canopy won’t let me down! I really like her food posts! I trust she’ll have some good CNY blog posts in the next week or so!

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94 thoughts on “Year of The Dragon

  1. Gorgeous dress. I don't own any red dresses either. I can never find one that suits me. I was working at the Chinese New year festive in Dublin yesterday. We were doing Chinese opera makeup on people. It was really fun! πŸ™‚ Happy Chinese new year! x x

  2. looking beautiful sarah! i own the dress in black and white (notorious monochrome purchaser..) but love it in red. i'm also the same in that i often opt out of buying red clothing.

    happy chinese new year to your family petal! xxx

  3. The dress really suits you! I don't own a red dress at all, most of mine either seem to be red, navy or stripey! Happy Chinese New Year for tomorrow! My boyfriend's good friend is chinese and he keeps telling my boyfriend to wear red tomorrow and to give him money in a red envelope. We are having chinese food tonight as well :). xo

  4. Deffo just gone onto the pop couture website. Was my birthday a couple of days ago so I may as well by myself something! haha.

    I'm from the North West btw, but have been Durham a few times because my brother went there so we knew about the Beamish Museum:)

    Manchester Chinese New year celebrations are usually pretty epic! (English culture is so lame)

    Lovely dress!

    (kung hei fat choy! I hope that's right)

  5. I don't have a new red dress for the New Year ): First year that I haven't! I'm wearing red nail varnish instead hahaha. My family always celebrate CNY with the full traditions, I'm so gutted that I'm not home to celebrate this year. Happy Chinese New Year! xx

  6. aww I used to get frightened of too many things going on all at once too! The combination of a burning man on a fire, sparklers, and fireworks used to always set me on edge!

    And red is a gorgeous colour on you : )


  7. That dress is gorgeous! Reminds me that I need something red in my wardrobe. I don't even have a red T-shirt, or red shoes– but a red dress would fit in perfectly! It would check off all of the marks. Thanks for sharing about Chinese New Year, I didn't know what went on, but it sounds like so much fun (at least, your memories of when you were little)!

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  8. Happy Chinese New Year. I'm so envious of the festival- no Chinese culture in my family, no exciting celebrations, feasts or traditions for me! I find Chinese and Oriental culture so fascinating that I'd kill to be involved in CNY one year.

    I love the red dress, it's beautiful and a really gorgeous colour red. I don't own any red clothing except one wine coloured cardigan, red doesn't suit me all that well, so I tend to stray away. Like Michelle, I am wearing red nail polish (coincidentally….)

  9. Happy Chinese New Year to you, i'm the same i'm chinese and so is all the family..(well most) but i barely know anything about it, plus my family doesn't really celebrate it as much as other chinese people do. lol..
    Again we only really celebrate with dinner and then having a chinese leaf bath which is apparently tradition? haha i have no idea i just go along with it..

    Anyway hope you have a good chinese new year πŸ™‚

    You look gorgeous in them photo's by the way loving your rings too!

  10. Love dress and is perfect for CNY! I hardly ever wear red and most of the time I just stick with red jewellery or red nails for CNY πŸ™‚
    You're not the only one terrified of the dragon/lion dancing parade – it's so loud! I still don't like it to this day.
    Happy Chinese New Year!

  11. Great dress. I would love to own more red clothing. It's funny you should say you've just been googling Chinese New Year. I've been doing the same thing all afternoon because I'm a primary school teacher and it's our topic for the next two weeks. I know the zodiac story off by heart now! I need to find something red to wear for tomorrow! x

  12. Happy CNY! The dress really goes in with the theme, loads of reds and yellow! It's really early this year isn't it? It's normally in feb hope you enjoyed it! x

  13. Beautiful look! I think the colours go perfectly. Kind of want to go buy that dress now!

    Amanda: Please don't insult other cultures – I'd never dream of saying that about anyone else's. I love the traditions we do still have. It's what you're used to, it doesn't make everyone else's lame.

  14. I love CNY in HK, it's never that exciting when I'm in the UK! Hope you have a good one whatever you do. πŸ™‚

  15. That dress is lurrrvely! I have never ever celebrated Chinese new year, and tbh don't know that much about it eiths, although me and my boyfriend are looking to go travelling next year and we would love to go there for it, think it would be amazing! xx

  16. That dress is so lovely and truly the perfect shade of red! I adore your turquoise ring as well πŸ™‚

    I am now thinking that I need more red in my closet…haha


  17. Lovely dress but it's the nail polish that really caught my eye. That shade is gorgeous! It's going on my to-buy list, immediately. Happy New Year πŸ™‚


  18. That dress is beautiful, I'm not so into red either but that's a beautiful shade! Molly is born in the year of the Rabbit, I think that's why she was late, she was holding on because I was obsessed with Rabbit toys when I was pregnant xx

  19. Well I'm five foot six so it would probably be too short for me πŸ™ I have that problem a lot!
    It is a gorgeous dress though, loving the sleeves

  20. Happy Chinese New Year =) The dress is really pretty ! I know nothing about the celebration except it's the year of the Dragon this year :p. But I'm not Asian though.. That might be why :p
    We used to go to Chinese restaurent with my dad for Chinese NY before, it was really fun =)

    xxx Vee

  21. Happy new year! During Chinese New Year, you often wear red on the first day, so I will be doing that tomorrow! (Because it is the first day of the 'new year' then). My family is super traditional, so we all get together and eat a huge meal — dumplings are a must! (I just made a bunch w/ my mom and dad, homemade!) I hope you have a good one~ Your dress is so cute!

    xx maggie

  22. The dress is so beautiful on you, I was looking through my wardrobe today and don't have any red clothes πŸ™ So it's red nails and make up tomorrow hehe.

    My family do the whole traditional celebration and it's really interesting to know what each individual item/step signifies, I learn something new each year πŸ™‚

    Happy Chinese New Year Sarah! <3

  23. The dress is gorgeous, I love it. And red suits you!
    My family doesn't do that much for CNY either so I don't know much about the traditions. I used to get freaked out by the dancing dragon/lions as well, haha.

  24. Oh I adore that dress on you Sarah, it's the loveliest thing on you! I wore my red blouse today and will be wearing a red dress on new years day too! Despite me only popping out briefly in the day, somehow it feels extra special wearing the traditional red! I'll definitely be eating my tong yuen while wearing red anyway! Must admit, I felt a little bit of pressure after reading your post haha, hoping my post delivered! I do love CNY, it's just lovely seeing all my family together! I love the Chinese traditions and just wish It was a bigger deal over here, definitely aim to be in hong long one year to experience it properly! Anyway Happy New Year and hope that the lunar year brings you lots of luck, fortune and most importantly, happiness! Xxx

  25. I love that dress so mucccchh, it looks amazing on you. I am on their website as we speak! Haha. Also I don't know much about Chinese New Year, will have to go do some Wikipedia-ing myself πŸ™‚

  26. It's lovely on you! I find red quite a tricky colour too, I have a bright red dress with white polka dots and I don't think the colour suits me at all (aka it brings out any redness in my face!). Enjoy your not so traditional CNY celebrations πŸ™‚ xo

  27. Happy Chinese New Year! Red looks fabulous on you!! πŸ™‚ I love CNY too, but I pretty much just eat dinner with my family, bai-bai and get red envelopes. I would love to experience it in Asia someday!

  28. What an adorable dress – it looks just perfect on you, and I love that you paired it with turquoise nails/accessories. The colour contrast is gorgeous. Good for you for stepping out of the black box, too. I buy so much black, it's almost silly, but it just goes with everything!

  29. Aww it's so important to know the culture in which you come from, but I understand how it's easy to just not really do them anymore when you grow up. The Chinese New Year sounds like so much fun with the dragon parade thingy. I would like to see one someday.
    P.s. I LOVE this dress. The color and details are gorgeous. I have many a red dresses, and I still want more. I need to get other colors for a while, like black! haha

  30. Happy Chinese New year! Gong hei fhat choi! I remember the firecrackers from my childhood… its a tradition to scare away evil spirits and attract fortune into the home for the new year. But still its one of my favourite festivals and we enjoy celebrating it every year! πŸ™‚
    May xx

  31. Wonderful outfit, especially love your accessories!
    Hope you had a lovely Chinese New Year, and thank you for your sweet message! x

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