Dress c/o Pop Couture / Jewellery Temporary:Secretary / Blazer Topshop / Shoes Miss Selfridge

 Last week, I introduced clothing brand, Pop Couture and here is another dress from the same brand. I have been wearing it recently with a chunky cardigan but it will be a great dress to wear in Spring/Summer. I like making the most out of my clothes, I’m not one to wear for “one season”. Makes me sound so economical, but truthfully, I am such a hoarder! I hate throwing or giving away clothes! I try to keep them all forever! I’m wearing the white floral dress here with my trusty old white peter pan collar vest as an extra layer for warmth. The neckline of the dress is quite high so the collar looks like it is part of the dress. (stylish and functional! I just wish it was vest was thermal as well!) 
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89 thoughts on “White Floral Dress

  1. The dress is gorgeous, and I do like the collar underneath, much as I love the peter pan collars, it's good to be able to remove them and switch things around.

    Feeling your Twitter woes, there's no way I could keep up with 2 accounts, my mum runs three for various projects and business interests that we have, and I have no idea how she keeps up with them all.

  2. Gorgeous dress, looks so lovely on you! Love your jewellery, the LOVE ring is so pretty! Also loving your shoes to, very cute. I'm the same with clothes, think its such a waste to only wear a particular item of clothing in only one season! xx

  3. I love this colourful bird ring! Is it new in the store? I'm exactly the same, I hoard everything! Every now and again I get pressured into giving some items to my little sister which is so difficult to do! But, this is what is included of the big sister role! Hehe xxx

  4. This dress is gorgeous! It honestly looks as though these were taken in the middle of summer :') you are so brave to go out without a cardigan in a dress, or just incredibly insane 😉 Ha I do love instagram, I look forward to stalking, I mean seeing other sides of your life. I think having two twitters can be helpful, I know a few people do that. Something you could consider eh 🙂 xxx

  5. Haha I love the last photo, always so annoying when the days are so windy haha! I like to wear my clothes all year round too, get the most out of them! This is such a pretty dress!

  6. You look beautiful Sarah, florals suit you so well! I'm a true clothes hoarder too, I wear things from many seasons ago and feel guilty when people ask me if my outfits are 'current stock' 😛 I can't believe it's snowing where you are, srsly hope it doesn't do the same here because I don't own any snow suitable shoes! I use Camera 360 Effects on my phone (Sony Ericsson one, on Android) for camera effects a little like Instagram (:

  7. Your dress is so pretty, I love the little collar on it! I understand where you are coming from with regards to your twitter account. I'm not a business owner but I can imagine how you feel, you can't tweet more personal/blogging things all the time as that would alienate your shop customers, but at the same time it would be pretty hectic to run two twitter accounts! I follow you on twitter and I don't mind what tweets I see from you, I understand you have shop customers who follow you there as well :). xo

  8. Lol the last pic made me giggle! Such a cool pic! I actually just ran to my window to see whether it's snowing here, but sadly it's not :(. Love your dress, so pretty! x

  9. This makes me excited for Spring 🙂 Looks fab on you hun. I've just had a dress delivered from Pop Couture, (i had a £20 voucher which I won in a comp). I chose a velvet purple dress (post to follow) but actually wish I bought something more like yours as note sure I'll wear the one I got ;s xx

  10. That dress is divine, absolutely love it. Haha the last pictures ace with the hair in the face. The pastel nail polish is also gorgeous, definitely getting me in the mood for Spring/Summer! 🙂 xx

  11. Lovely dress, you always look great! I guess it must be hard to use your Twitter for both your business and personal use, but I think it must be great for your customers to learn more about the person behind the brand.

  12. Send some snow my way….we haven't had any!!

    RE: Twitter, just continue being yourself. At the end of the day, the reason most of your customers come back is a. because your products are awesome, and b. because of you! You, as a person, are a wonderful Unique Selling Point, because you just have a lovely personality, and you add personal touches to your business, that a lot of shops (big and small alike) don't bother to do. It's nice, and a lot of us like the personality that you (and Oscar ;P) add to your Temp:Sec brand. Keeping it personal helps us to "connect" with you as a business owner, as well as as a person.

    I guess my long ramble is just me saying that it's the little things that count. So, really don't worry and just be yourself 🙂

    I'll shush now before I sound too much like a kiss-ass ;P

  13. Haha I like the blooper picture :p very sexy indeed ! =D I'm now following you on twitter (@Vivium). The dress's pattern is so pretty ! I have a dress that I usually only wear during summer time, I sould try to wear it with thick black tights too =) Thanks for the inspiration !!

    xxx Vee

  14. Aww you look so lovely Sarah! The dress is perfect for the spring and summer. I love photo-sharing for the exact reasons you described, they give a little insight to everyone's daily lives. I love seeing pictures shared on twitter because it's instant isn't it and pictures speak louder than words. Looking forward to seeing you share pics on twitter too!

  15. I am such a hoarder too !!! It's stupid but I do the 'one day' thing. Anyway WOW this dress looks so cute on Sarah I love it and the rings are too cute 🙂 I love the Love ring haha. Yes the wind earlier this week was insane, I spent most of the day eating my hair when we went for a walk (loving that photo). I think you are lovely and if you want to promote your shop on twitter go for it, people know your lovely and a honest person so I would tweet what you want Sarah I know people won't mind at all. Hope your well and I adore the scarf, just in time for this chilly weather xx

  16. haha love the blog blooper! your dress is so pretty, gorgeous print and i am loving your necklace. i have two twitter accounts! one for my blog and one for my friends and people i know in "real life"… because my friends don't know about my blog! is that weird?! anyway, i have nowhere near as many followers as you do so it's probably a completely different ballgame but i keep one logged in on safari and one on chrome, which makes it easier not to get mixed up! xxx

  17. That dress is adorable and I love it paired with the black blazer!

    Also, that last pic is hilarious haha yay for outtakes!


  18. hello! hope you had a great weekend even with the snow!.. I'd like to see snow someday.. since here in Ecuador we don't have it ;/
    Anyway.. thanks for your lovely comment, I so love your dress and I want one!=)
    keep in touch


  19. Really pretty dress! I think its much more personable to have the one twitter for you and your business. Returning customers are always the ones who get good customer service and this is not so evident in larger businesses. People interested in your blog will find it exciting and inspiring that you have your own business and your customers will find it interesting to know about the real you!

  20. Lovely dress 🙂 Also, I think your Twitter management is excellent! It's a nice mix. I much prefer Twitter accounts that have a personal touch, otherwise I just feel like I am being sold to!xx

  21. I have so many outtake photos like that bottom one, bloomin' wind! Did you get much snow? We had a tiny few flakes in the air this morning but mostly it was sleet! Love this dress it's so pretty I actually saw your post a while ago and then spent ages on their website before I got round to commenting!!

    L x

  22. That dress is SO pretty, makes me wish it was summer already! I'm the same with clothes, I can never throw anything out and wear the same things all year round – add a cardi & tights for winter, and a pair of sandals & some sunnies for summer and you're good to go!

    Gillian x

  23. This is an amazing post sunshine!! your outfit is so quirky and out there, puts me in a good mood and makes me look forward to much warmer days in England 🙂 And you should really tweet a bit of both 🙂 I am sure who ever is following you is interest in what ever you'd like to say? Or you could always make a separate account? I mean i tried that out but it's so much effort switching from one to another. So no really worth it!! Great Blog sweetie and looking forward to some new posts from you!! 🙂 Lots of Love Annie xx

  24. the floral print on your dress is ever so lovely! i like that your business & personal twitter are merged into one, its a friendlier way of promoting your business & interacting with your customers 🙂 xx

  25. Love that you're happy put the outtake picture up, so far. Love the dress. No need to be confined to seasons!

  26. I love your floral dress and I can't believe you are wearing that in the uk as its also freezing over here!!! It was 8 degrees in my area last week! I do love the Peter pan collar and if u didn't mention it, I would had thought it was a part of the dress:) functional indeedy;)

    I can imagine your confusion with your business and personal aspects regards to your twitter. Hope u find a balance between the two:D

    And I love the last pic, sexy indeed! Hehe it's my fave pic in fact as I love those natural no ready snapshots. They capture the best moments:)


  27. This dress is really pretty and suits you perfectly! I love the last pic too – all of the photos of me out on the deck on the ferry to Amsterdam look like this – it was crazy windy! xxx

  28. Wow, such a pretty dress! The rings are gorgeous, as always, and your nails look amazing. I am so bad at painting nails, I wish I could paint them neatly! The wind is so annoying when you are taking photos, but you still look glam even with your hair in your face! xx

  29. Love the dress and the jewellery, in particular the love ring.
    I sometimes wish that I had two separate twitter accounts, one personal and one for the blog as I don't like going on about the blog on there now that real life people have started following me! Sucks x

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