Another really lovely head band/turban from Little Fille. This was in the same parcel they sent to me before Christmas along with my favourite Kiki/Minnie Mouse red bow! I also have some detachable collars too but haven’t found anything suitable to wear them with yet. Probably because most of my tops and dresses have already got collars. I’m going to search for a nice top to wear Little Fille detachable collars with. As I mentioned last time, everything is handmade by her. You can quote TempSec upon checkout and you will receive a free gift with your Little Fille order! Support the indie retailers! 🙂
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78 thoughts on “Little Fille: Jasmine Hairband

  1. Cutest headband ever! Also, your photos always look so great 🙂

    It has been really snowy/icy here in the Seattle area too! Pretty but scary at the same time haha


  2. I love this headband, I have a similar one but just cannot get it to look right on me! I love Clueless too, I have watched it countless times! Serendipity is good too if you like rom coms xx

  3. Cute nails 🙂
    I love Bridget Jones and Notting Hill! I always watch Love Actually at Christmas and it one of my favourite films 🙂 Most films I like have Hugh Grant in them even though I don't find him particularly attractive x

  4. clueless is like one of my all time favourite films. And I'm the same, i love a good romcom, or chick flick, or anything involving love in the slightest. And that headband is gorgeous!

  5. You really suit the head band, the colour looks lovely on you – looking forward to seeing the detachable collars too! I'm the same with regards to Hugh Grant films, I was always a Colin Firth kinda gal, but I just have to watch every film Hugh Grant has been in! xo

  6. you look so adorable! pretty.

    i get super jealous during awards season. lots of celebs wearing gorgeous gowns that i'll never have an excuse to wear!

  7. Oh Sarah you little butter bean.. Such cute photos (when do you ever take a bad photo?!)
    I think our movie tastes sounds similar, I don't watch the big serious movies, i want the shit and tacky movies! HA! xx

  8. strange you might mention that, i was thinking of watching Two Weeks Notice tonight. Best Hugh Grant film (for me) is Bridget Jones' (of course!) and Music and Lyrics! If you haven't watched that you have to! It's soooooooooooooooo funny! xx

  9. The purple/jasmine colour really suits you Sarah! I'm forever meaning to buy a Little Fille headband but I'm unsure whether I'd actually wear it enough to justify the price ): I didn't watch the Golden Globes, but caught all the gossip on Twitter during a sleepless night 😛 xx

  10. Next time you're in newcastle or the metro centre check out 'thats entertainment' they have great offers on dvds, either 3 for £5, 2 for £5 or 3 for £10 (depending on age, the also have cds and games too!) great way to stock up on the romcoms or any other films you'd like to see/watch again for hardly any money!
    lovely bow, you look soooo pretty in those pics 🙂

  11. Oh Sarah that band is SO pretty! I am obsessed with head pieces, will definitely have to check out their site. That lipstick is gorgeous on you by the way, what make is it? xxx

  12. Hey Sarah, I just posted a comment but I'm not too sure if it worked! Basically I just gushed about the hairband, so lovely, and asked what shade that lipstick was because it looks fabulous on you! xxx

  13. There is nothing wrong with Clueless! It's one of my favourites as well. Last night I watched St Trinians 1 & 2, aaahhh soo goooood/bad. I love those Little Fille collars, I just bought a couple of collars (not from Little Fille) and haven't found anything to wear them with yet, mainly because none of the neckline are high enough and I don't like it when it's obvious that the collar isn't part of the shirt! If that makes sense. Blabla long comment 🙂

  14. Oh my, that bow is the cutest thing! I also love that lip colour, it's suits you so much. I didn't watch the golden globes but I couldn't help but catch some of twitter action when the red carpet was in full swing. So glam!

  15. til this day i have not seen Inception! i also love award season because i am addicted to evening gowns 🙂 i hope that you are doing well, S. keep warm sweetheart!

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