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You’ll probably notice that when I blog, I often say that I bought something ages ago or even years ago! I am not one of those bloggers who are on the ball with the latest trends and the newest collection that the high street has to offer – I haven’t got the money to keep up! I always feel bad when someone asks me where I bought something, knowing that they want to go to the shops to check it or maybe even buy it, and I will end up telling them eg. “River Island…… in 2008”. Well, here’s another outfit that’s not available to buy anymore (I am so last season). I bought all of this outfit with a TopShop gift card. I’m wearing a white crochet Peter Pan collar top underneath the chunky knit 3/4 length jumper (I’m still feeling festive?!) and a pair of polka dot burgandy shorts. My nail polish here is Pink Grapefruit by 17 from Boots. Both the nail polish and the coral red jumper was difficult to photograph, they’re so bright!

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103 thoughts on “Coral Jumper

  1. Firstly, I don't know how I haven't seen your tshirt collab before but I WANT it! Secondly, you are absolutely gorgeous and I am jealous of your hair and your wardrobe! haha xx

  2. Looking fabulous as always!
    Love the Temp:Sec tshirt, shame I have zero spare cash at the moment.
    It's strange, I was going to blog about letter writing later on today, as this week is (apparently) Universal Letter Writing Week!

  3. That t-shirt is gorgeous! I'm the same with alot of my clothes, I hold onto so many things, I worked in Fashion Retail so built up a ridiculous amount of clothing due to the 60% employee discount! They always seem to still look nice even years later!

  4. I still haven't bought it either and need to ha! Gorgeous outfit, Oh I am the same with my outfits tbh, rarely buy anything new from the high street, meh. You look amazing anyway. I love your work, can't wait to see more of it xx

  5. Gorgeous jumper – the colour is so pretty and girly 🙂

    Love the Temp Sec t-shirt too such amazing detail! I hope you achieve your new year's resolution…you've got a great talent there! xx

  6. I really love this outfit… in fact I think I'd white like to recreate it, I have so many shorts but do struggle to find a white shirt/top with such a lovely collar to go under my jumpers. I'll keep looking! 😉

    I do hope you blog any new year drawings or art work you produce, I'd love to see them!

    Dayner x my blog –

  7. Love the colour of that jumper! I really need to get back into letter writing too. I was tweeting the other day about how I missed writing with a fountain pen, and it seems I'm not alone!

  8. Such a lovely outfit as ever Sarah, I love the colour of your jumper (: I'm excited to see more of your illustration work, I wish I had an extra talent like that haha!

  9. I don't think it really matters that something isn't bang on trend, if you wear it well and feel comfortable in it then it's fine really!

  10. The place where you live seems to have only the best weather, so jealous! Was trying to make my outfit pictures yesterday and it looks like from a horror movie, how dark and awful the weather was. Oh well. You look amazing, anyways!:) xx

  11. Oh I'm so the same when it comes to clothes sometimes. Most things are harboured lol, I love the jumper the colour is gorgeous. Plus the Temporary:Secretary tshirt is amaze xoxo

  12. i cannot draw to save my life, Sarah! and i am SO in love with your t-shirt! it is so darling! sadly i am on a spending freeze 🙁 i hope that you are well sweetheart! i love your coral jumper! i am really digging coral right now, too!

    love, jamie
    @ jamielechic

  13. I have a whole list of things to blog about & I have no idea where to start- maybe when I met Christina Ricci in New York would be a good place!!

    I too want to write more letters- speaking of which I am attempting the post office tomorrow with yours x

  14. Sarah, are these topshop shorts? If they are, they're the ones i've been after. I love them!
    Also, WHY YOU NOT GOT THIS TEE YET? You designed it! HURRY and get it.xx

  15. the tee is gorgeous! & I keep buying things and then blogging about them and when I go to find the link they're not on the site any more- nightmare. But it doesn't matter that you can't buy the exact items because you can still give people inspiration 🙂 looking lovely as per x

  16. Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who (whilst aware and not completely desinterested) cannot keep up with all the newest trends and certainly doesn't have to funds to follow them all. Then again, I don't think I'd actually want to…

    So, that "so last season" outfit looks great – love the colour of the jumper.

    I know what you mean about the drawing, the busier I am the less I find time to draw/paint. The less I practice, the more difficult it becomes – it's a nightmare…

    Good luck with your resolutions, they're good ones 🙂 xo

  17. Amazing outfit! I love these colours together :)I'm the same as you with the whole 'err I bought it like two years ago!' I just joined fashion traffic but can't really use it because nothing I wear is very current 😛


  18. I love these shots, such a lovely colour, and I have a bit of a thing for polka dots at the moment. I had a giftcard for Topshop too so bought a few bits from their sale. It's so hard trying to stay up to date with fashion trends like that, but I think by mixing new with old you get a great sense of style, much more so than wearing something new every week. It adds a personal touch xx

    sweet monday

  19. the colour of your jumper is amazing, i love the matching nails too! i have the bottle green version on this jumper and i just adore it. it's such good quaility and the 3/4 sleeves are perfect. xx

  20. You can write me a letter if you want! We can be penpals, HURRAY! Haha. I love your outfit, don't worry I still wear clothes from 2009 as well (probs earlier than that haha). Ohh also! That shirt is beautiful! I don't know why I haven't seen it before but I must have it now. I would wear it everyday and with everything! Preettyyyy. Hope you're having a wonderful day 🙂

  21. So pretty! The color of your jumper is just amazing. I'm just like you, there is no way I have enough money to keep up with current trends! I find what I like, and it just builds up over time. I don't throw out clothes unless they're destroyed.

    xx maggie

  22. Wow – I love love love the color of that sweater! Just the thing to brighten up a winter day, maybe I'll find it in a vintage store or something!!! Great blog! Good luck with your resolutions – if I had any scrap of talent I would love to draw and illustrate too, but my three year old nephew crayons better than I do!!

  23. Honestly, I'm the same way… I keep my clothes for SO long. I'm 25 now, and I still have a few pieces from middle school. Weird, I know!

    I love the color of this jumper… it looks really cute on you! I love the polka dots, too <3

    Love & Cake,

  24. Definitely agree about being behind the times, although I just like to call it "vintage"!
    That jumper is such a gorgeous colour though, seriously divine. Perfect way to brighten up a dull winter's day.

    Rosie xx

  25. I love the outfit. Especially because the peter pan collar! I also loving the mustache ring. 🙂
    I like that you wanna encourage people to write letters again. I definitely agree and have been saying the same thing lately! There's something much more personal and touching about a handwritten letter versus an email. I miss those days.

  26. WOw, i love this coral knit sweater on you, very festive indeed!!!! The color suits you really well tho, and that peter pan color is so cute! I like that mustache ring of yours too,so unique and special (your piece of art work, i gather?hehe).

    I think it's okay if we're not always on trend as long as we like and feel comfortable in what we wear:) Then again, i think your style is lovely and cute! I did find it funny tho when you said you are soo last season, haha just puts a smile on my face with those quicky/funny remarks you make out of the blue.But i still love seeing your outfits even if their from 2009, plus don't effect me as much since i cant buy stuff from my old fave london's topshop, dorothy perkins,warehouse anyway….gosh how i miss them all!!!!!!

    By the way, i hope you get back into your writing,illustrating, and drawing in no time;)you got talent girl!

    Gosh Sarah, I have to say, i had no idea that you were that pretty girl on the top of your blog header, nor that you made that dress!!!! Impressive!!!!! I thought you got the image from those websites like or something, hahaha

    Anyhow, wishing you a fab week!!! Stay warm:D


  27. you are too adorable for words!! love your jumper!

    and your blog is so cool!!
    come visit us at:!
    we'd love to hear from you :]

    xo, camilla & valerie

  28. I love the temporary secretary t-shirt 🙂 Your jumper is such a gorgeous colour, makes me long for warmer summer days! It looks perfect with the polka dot shorts! x

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