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Have been wearing this scarf since I got it. It is from NEXT and it’s got the trendy star print that we’re seeing a lot of on the high street recently. It is the same one I’m wearing here (the giant biscuit was well trippy!) I have so many scarves, you can never have too many of them when you live in good ol’ Britain. I sometimes wear two if it’s really cold, I do look stupid but I don’t care!! So, the clocks went back at the weekend and the days get darker and colder! The countdown to Christmas has started and we’re bracing ourselves for the return of the snow! A good time to buy new scarves, gloves and wooly hats! 
Another occasion I always look forward to is Bonfire Night. I’m not sure what the plans are this year, but where I live, there is usually a firework display at the castle. I live in one of those old towns that has a castle and a river! I should appreciate it more, I hardly ever go. I remember the castle’s firework display being quite good but I haven’t been in years and I’m not home this weekend, such a shame! 
Just going to keep this post nice and short, I do tend to ramble! Happy November, everyone! x
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65 thoughts on “Star Print Scarf

  1. Love the scarf πŸ™‚ I love a star print!

    I love Bonfire Night – last year I spent it in Weymouth with Kalok and we watched the bonfire and fireworks display on the beach…amazing! xx

  2. love the outfit! and I'm a scarf addict as well, never worn two though maybe I'll try it this year?! haha.
    and that is so cool that you live in a town like that!

  3. I love your starry scarf, I too have a huge collection of them (although I've never tried wearing two at once!) I hope you find a fireworks event to go to. I've not been to one for ages and I'm really looking foward to going to one.


  4. I love wrapping up for bonfire night, I'm going to see the display on saturday with my boyfiend and also my sister who is visiting for the weekend! I cannot wait to wear loads of layers but still perhaps lose the feeling in my toes.

  5. i love your scarf! and the jacket is so nice, i've been wanting a leather one like that for absolutely ages, need some money! hope you're well xx

  6. Really hoping it doesn't snow much. Except on Christmas Day. I find it a great irritation to have to scrape now off my car all the time, and it ruins my shoe plans!

  7. A castle and a river??? That sounds pretty great. I visited England a while back over Christmas and I LOVED that it got dark at 4:00. I'm envious!

    Mabel Time

  8. I have no idea what to do this firework night, our local display is usually full of teenagers swiging cider from the bottle. Classy.
    Loving the scarf!

  9. Please explain to me how you pull off a scarf so well. I have about 10 scarves. I buy them because they look pretty, and when I go to wear it. I look a tit, and end up looking like I'm trying to cover a hicky, or as though i'm strangling myself!!
    I do love the print of this, especially because sometimes it can be too much, but this is perfect!
    Asif it's meant to snow this winter.. this excites me, my first winter at home in 5 years! Whoop.
    Enjoy your bonfire weekend.xx

  10. You like in Richmond North Yorkshire! Wow. So do I! Except that I don't entirely… I'm moving to London this weekend and my parents recently moved to Leyburn. Now it sounds like a lie. But I went to sixth form in Richmond and lived there for several years!

    I love Richmond. One of the most beautiful places ever in my opinion. I love going and looking at the waterfall. How random.

  11. Ah I'm loving seeing everyones wintery outfits at the moment, and as always yours looks super pretty!
    Hope you have a good bonfire night, my boyfriend's working so I don't have any plans : (

  12. Cute starry scarf. I've always wondered what the inside of a real live castle looks like. Any different from that of the Beast in Beauty and the Beast?

  13. I would definitely have that scarf in my closet.. I have such an obsession over them – I have far too many over my needs and just weh nI'm about to buy one, I have a reality check and notice that I just don't need it. : ( Loveing that leather jacket by the way!

    Happy November to you too! πŸ™‚

  14. When its really really cold, all ideas of looking fashionable go out the window for me haha. It is a great scalf and Richmond isn't far from me xx

  15. Wow, that scarf is really long, and I love the long ones! I need to get some as well – my favourites are those thick ones because they look so soft and comfy. There are some people who say men shouldn't wear scarves but I don't care either. :]

    Love your dress + leather jacket + scarf outfit!

  16. This scarf is amazing; reminds me of the AW11 D&G collection; full of stars! I just wanted to post a comment and say hello, partly because your blog is truly beautiful, but also because I am currently studying Fashion Marketing but at Nottingham Trent University (although on an exchange semester in NYC atm), so it's always inspiring to see what people end up doing after they graduate from courses alike. In addition, I am currently trying to start up my own jewelry business!! You're exactly what I'm aiming for, so thank you for keeping this blog and sharing your talent it's an inspiration!

  17. Aaah, loving your star print scarf. I pretty much have to be surgically removed from a scarf or pashmina from now to spring. They're my comfort blanket and have the added benefit of being warm and lovely.

    Looking fab as ever, and hope you enjoyed the fireworks. Nov 5th is my absolute favourite "holiday" of the year and I got to go to a local stately home where they put on fireworks and a huge bonfire. I even managed to get a Toffee Apple!

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