I have just got back home and the first thing I did was take the photos for this post. I had promised Miss Selfridge and Look Magazine that I would blog about this as soon as I got back from my annual leave. Miss Selfridge very generously sent me this well detailed bag as one of my prizes. It is a Limited Edition real leather satchel with faux leopard fur. It’s currently in store and retails at £65.00. I’m really pleased that Miss Selfridge chose this one for me because I’ve been wanting a new bag and this prize came at the perfect time. The bag I use for casual outings has broken, the buckle broke, so this new Miss Selfridge bag is the perfect replacement. I can’t usually afford real leather goods! So I am pleased as punch with this! 
I’ve almost finished in the Prize series. I will resume to my regular blogging ways after this fortnight. So sorry to keep this so short, I’ll be working through the night to get up to date with orders. My family are currently on the flight back to England, I am excited to see what they have bought and what pressies I get! I asked for snacks, really funky flavoured snacks. The weirder, the better! Talking of which, are you all following Winnie’s blog? She has the best food and travel posts, and she’s also a fan of weird snacks
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79 thoughts on “Leopard Print Satchel

  1. Ooh the satchel is really nice. I rarely go into River Island but I really like the satchel, the little bit of leopard print gives it that quirky look. Your dress is really pretty too. Good luck with the orders and I hope your family bring back some nice snacks for you! xo

  2. Looking effortlessly wonderful again, I love the coat! I've got the similar patterned one with the double breast from last year and I adore it! Beautiful bag too.

    Don't worry – all your posts are great so I for one definitely haven't minded seeing all your prizes! Hoping your family have a safe journey home. xx

  3. Oh Sarah, thank you so so much for the mention. You're right I am such a fan of all things weird and wonderful when it comes to food haha. Love the new bag and it's even better that it's made from real leather! Such a bonus. Also loving your coat. It looks so cosy- I haven't bought a new coat in years, I find it so hard to buy the perfect one that doesn't swamp me! x

  4. Love this bag – don't think it's quite big enough for all my junk though, and there are no sizes listed on the Miss Selfridge website. (Also the price has hopped up to £65!)

  5. that bag is so beautiful, just the right ratio of black to leopard pattern to be worn as an every day accessory! i love how bright your photos look ALL the time, do you live in a secret bright and sunny part of England that the rest of us are yet to discover? or have you stolen all the sunlight hence why it's doom and gloom for the rest of us brits? the only conclusions i can come to… 😉 x

  6. I've got a bit of satchel fascination at the moment, keep buying them for friends as Christmas gifts (on the understanding I WILL borrow them)
    Also, we have the same coat!

  7. Hehe, I am indeed a fan of Winnie's blog – she's such a sweetie, and I love her food posts. Speaking of which, hope you get lots of weird and wonderful things – be sure to let us know about them!
    Anyways, waffling over, I don't think I've ever loved a bag as much as this. I'm such a fan of leopard print, but most bags seem to be all or nothing in terms of it, so this little touch of animal print is fab. You lucky thing 🙂 x

  8. This is AMAZING! I Love missselfridge at the moment and this has given me yet another reason to add them to my favourite shops! Great post x

  9. I LOVE this bag!! <3 As you probably well know I'm a bit addicted to Leopard print at the moment, so this is the perfect Autumn Satchel for me, although I think t would be a bit OTT if I wore it with my leopard print coat! xx

  10. So drooling over your pretty new bag. I love satchel type handbags, and I'd love a much bigger kind of slouchy satchel that's big enough for uni. I guess I'd probably have to make my own to get one that's just right.

    Looking wonderful as ever and don't work too hard, pretty please. Hope you get some amazing snacks, would love to see them. I adore Winnie's blog, and her snacks are epic. She also leaves me some of the sweetest comments.

  11. I love that bag! I have a really expensive leopard print bag that was a gift and it's so poorly made and it's falling apart! I need a new bag asap!

    Mabel Time

  12. That really is the perfect satchel- a beautiful black leather basic with just a hint of print to make it really interesting and unique. And the blazer/scarf combination you've paired it with are pretty much fall perfection in my book 🙂

  13. I definitely couldn't pull this bag off but you're working it! I love leopard print but I'm so not good at styling it. Full marks to you!

  14. That is a gorgeous satchel! So envious 😀
    Haha my parents went to Japan recently and I told them to buy me snacks, too! Can't wait to see what weird snacks you got

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